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    31 years old, happily married, have a beautiful 3 year old boy.
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    Star Wars, RPGs
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    Active Duty Air Force
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    The Old Republic....what else?
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    Day of the Tentacle, Knights of the Old Republic, The Sith Lords. :D
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  1. Yeah it's an MMO - it's official lol. I probably couldn't afford a monthly fee - not with everything that's gone on the last few weeks! Though if it's £10-15 I wouldn't mind paying it. Then again I have a phone contract too... meh, it better be cheap or I won't be a happy bunny. :^:


    I haven't seen your story in a while! You got the next chapter(s) on the way, then? Awesome. :) I can't wait... I've got QFR chptr 8 nearly done, so hopefully it'll be good. I haven't written anything other than essays for a bit. lol.


    It's not soo much the counseling that's bothering me, but where the room is. It's like, right out in the open! If someone stands close enough to the door, they could hear everything (it's in college) sooo, I could be telling my secrets to a randomer!

    Pluus none of my friends know, so I've got to sneak in and sneak out without anyone noticing me.



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