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  1. Just like the title says. Everybody knows that Knights of the Force is a crap. But not everybody knows, what is worth a while. What could you suggest? There are many mods for this game. Which one of them is best in your opinion? Or maybe there are more than one?
  2. nizwiz Thanks a lot! I did as you suggested and turned off dynamic light and glow. I can't believe it was such simple - I would never get on it by myself :-). Now it works just fine, as it should. I owe you one . Btw. It's been a long time since I last spoken with sb in english, so I'd rather apologize in advance than apologize later and be shame . Anyway, thanks a lot for help.
  3. Hello everybody. First of all i have to apologize for my english. I used to learn it some time ago, but I hope I still now it good enough for you to understand me. Anyway, I have some problem with my Jedi Academy pc game. I searched hundreds of various forums and I haven't found a solution. Maybe here somebody can tell me what's going on. Recently I have changed graphic card in my pc. Now I have Radeon HD 3850 512 MB. Of course, latest drivers installed, as well as directX 8.1. I'm using winXP, not vista, by the way. ..and here where the problems start. I installed JA as usual. Patched it to 1.1. Start game, all options set to maximum. The levels are loading fast and smooth. I start playing, everythings work just fine with no problems at all... and after some time (about 5-7 minutes) the game goes crazy. The image on the screen stops, and then goes black. I can still hear the same, last sound played over and over again, but I see nothing on the screen. Then, after minute or so, the game comes back like nothing never happend and I can play smooth as ever . After two or three same crashes, the game is not coming back "to life", but hangs over for good. Restart of whole pc is nescessary. What is wrong? I have no problems in other games. My vid card works perfect with new titles like The Witcher or Hitman Blood Money. I have 2 GB RAM, and 2,2+ gHz processor. If you won't help me, then I am doomed ^^'
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