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  1. Coruscant would be awesome to see but I bet hard to develop. I wonder if that would be a more instance than anything you explore.
  2. What about crafters? Do you think there will be a crafter class for each side?
  3. Wow (not literally) This turned into a WoW vs SWG forum. They are two different games entirely. There is no need to compare them. WoW is for the fantasy type with elves and trolls and SWG is for the star wars folks. I have played both of them and they are equally fun. This post was for the KOTOR MMO. I believe like most on here that KOTOR will not cause the end of SWG. There will be a lot of people go over and play it for sure. I will most likely be one of them because I loved the pc games. They were some of the best I had seen. But I definitely won't stop my SWG subscription. I also think this will cause a healthy competition and we will start seeing more content upcoming from SWG and hopefully more planets and ships. With the Clone Wars cartoons and the upcoming live action show we are in the height of star wars again which should propel both platforms.
  4. I live on the Eclipse server and this weekend Anchorhead was taken over by high level stormtroopers and dark troopers. There I was just doing my terminal missions and then Bang they were everywhere. One hit and I was down. I hid downstairs by the rebel mission terminals then made a break for it and escaped. Too cool!!!!
  5. That is correct. You can't fly the ship unless you do the mission according to the boards on the sony forum.
  6. Cool. I can't wait to see it. I hope my pilot can get in for some action. Don't have a fighter up that high yet.
  7. Will Hoth be an instance with players from multiple servers? That would help a lot with the low population servers.
  8. 1) I get the best out of a joystick. I have an old Microsoft sidewinder that works great and allows movement in all directions pretty smoothly. 2) I agree with Tomak. Definitely the best way to go but be sure and look around too. You get badges for visiting different locations that you know well from the movies. It's fun to see them in game. 3) The best part about being an independent is the master ship is a Millenium Falcon type. Make another character and play rebel or imperial to get the pvp experience too. You get two characters per server. Best thing is to have fun and play the game however and whatever way you want to do. SWG allows for that type of freedom.
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