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  1. I realise this reply is a little late but it's totally fine for you to do that. ubuntu-desktop is a meta package for GNOME. It won't remove anything if you uninstall it. You can reinstall it again afterwards if you like.
  2. It is finally compiled here is the source for the patch in 1.3.1, the patches have already been applied but are included. And here is the binary. Note it is the binary only and it is recommended that you use it alongside your current ScummVM build and do not replace it. I must also state that FluidSynth has not been compiled in this build, but assuming you are only using it for the fan patch, this should not be a problem. If anyone would like a FluidSynth build, I will consider making one.
  3. The patchfile on the Sourceforge tracker doesn't seem to work with the 1.3.1 source. It appears to patch script_v5.cpp just fine, but not detection_tables.h. I've made the changes to the detection file manually, and it seems to be OK. I'm running the compile now. I'll test it when it's done and if all is well, I'll upload the build. Edit: ...and for some reason it wants all the dependency DLLs. I don't understand why this is... It totally works, it just wants a handful of DLLs I'm not sure I can even distribute legally.
  4. I compiled the patch in 1.3.1, but I forgot to do --disable-shared with the dependencies in MinGW. I also overlooked adding FLAC. When I've cooled down from that frustration I'll redo it.
  5. Oh, I know. I have both special editions on Steam and I've finished them. I don't like the art in the first game, but it is vastly improved in the second and I thoroughly enjoyed playing it.
  6. I'm kind of struggling to understand how the art managed to get through QA... It's... awful... I'll get the box anyway, because I want to see the movie stuff. If that wasn't there, the box art would be enough to stop me getting this entirely. Just compare it to the original... It's a horrible butchering, really... I'm really disappointed here.
  7. They're episodes, folks.
  8. ^ this. If they didn't fix the bone song before release, then they obviously needed a good moaning at.
  9. I have no problem with the SE apart from it being visibly rushed. I love it, but the care put in diminishes after Scabb Island (although, really, that's existent in the original anyway). I'm also pretty obsessive over MIDI and the fact I can't use my own MIDI driver is pretty annoying.
  10. They've been in the soundback all along. All the dialogue has been recorded. Even Easy Mode specific stuff.
  11. Ok, yeah, to clean up and make pretty. The Youtube guy just smoothed and blurred the originals. But really, I think you'd only have to etch outlines into them and it would fit the style nicely. But still, if LucasArts are unable to make those borders, then it's clear they don't care about the game, because they're unwilling to put work into fixing it.
  12. Nope. They only need to make a HD Guybrush and HD borders. Which some guy did on Youtube in about 10 minutes.
  13. It's only an assumption. Thinking about it, it's probably wrong. Also, according to a post at Telltale forums, the puzzle timings are fixed, as well as the credits edited somewhat. So apparently, the resource file must have been touched.
  14. Done. Why don't we stoop down to the level of lameness and just get as many comments on there as possible and see if we manage anything. For...experimental purposes.
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