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    The best thing about Conservatism is that even when you are wrong...you are Right.
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    SW related material, Kendo, etc.
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    Professional Student
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    Mass Effect
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    Knights of the Old Republic
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  1. That was a bit shameful on my part.

  2. I disapprove of Family Guy

  3. Hey Chev! Yep, that I am, just haven't posted in a week or so. I'll PM you my characters' plans very quickly (still trying to work them out myself XD )

  4. Hey CQ, quick question for you. Are you still in the Heroes: The Fall rp? And if you still are, do you think you could send me a PM concerning what your character's plans are?

  5. I have been a neglecting comrade. Consider this the first half of my penance.


    (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)

  6. How goes the things in your neck of the woods?

  7. Hey Chev! Sorry, man, work has had me swamped...I will post and get this show on the road :D

  8. Hey CQ, do you think you can post in Heroes: The Fall? Both my and Cyborg's characters are kind of waiting on the Red Skull. :)

  9. Waah this sucks, I have no idea how to introduce my character. It seems that everyone is in different corners of the world.

  10. So, how's things? In case you don't recognize me, I've changed my username. :D

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