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  1. I'm on the mission on Carida where Han and Chewie have to go it themselves to get the Death Star schematics. Saves took longer, and I saw that it took over 10 minutes to attempt a save. (In the meantime I did other things not to bore myself.) Then it eventually tells me: Failed to save game. Check available disk space. What kind of a sick joke is this? I have 95.9 GBs of free available space out of a total of 220 GBs. Anyway, here are the stats on my laptop: Dell Inspiron 1720 Intel Core 2 Duo T7500 (whatever T7500 is supposed to mean) 2.2 GHz 4 GBs of RAM (of which only ~3.3 is usable thanks to Windows Vista Home Premium not being a 64-bit system. NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT 1600x1200 screen resolution So anyway, I have to carefully work the mission from the last available save point, so I eventually finish it. Once I'm back in space with a quarter of the galaxy remaining that just opened up with lots of Imperial and Pirate systems to conquer, I attempt to save. I didn't remember having saving troubles before when I saved in the Galactic View, but when I tried to save after finishing the covert Carida mission, I heard an error chime and alt+tabbed out to see an "Exception" window. I press "Retry" but to no avail; I had to shut the game down. What causes this problem? Are the graphics settings too high? Do I overwrite saves too many times? Or are too many processes running in the background? Does it have anything to do with how long my computer has gone without a restart? The latest save files have taken as much as ~41 MB of space per save while the earlier ones take around 10-11 thereabouts or less. That made me think it had something to do with how big my Rebellion was getting (with 3/4 of the galaxy occupied) but the beginning of the covert Carida mission was no problem so it has to be something else.
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