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  1. Adventure games are my favorite genre of game. That said I have a varied gaming diet and spend a lot of time playing things less time consuming. For the most part the rest was exaggeration. However, a good chunk of this year's AG crop were 3D, and Telltale's, at least, I feel are terribly designed, poorly written. Too short, ugly, easy for my attention. I feel that the genre has reached its nadir and the only AGs which remain worth playing are the classic/classic-style 2D ones. However, this year I did enjoy Machinarium and the Whispered World, neither of which were Telltale designed. Costume Quest, although I did not get to play it, looked good. So did Deathspank, although I will reserve judgement on both of them. MI2:SE turned out better than I could have hoped, and was more than enjoyable to play through. However TMI was lackluster, designed poorly, ran poorly to the extent of bricking my Wii in the later stages. Puzzle Agent was actually p. good. It's the first Telltale game I've legitimately liked. But this year failed to produce any one adventure game to restore my hope for the genre. The best of this year would have been barely par in previous generations, and the genre won't go anywhere until it starts evolving from the stagnation we left it in 10 years ago. Just because it's popular again doesn't mean it's any more excellent. In fact, the opposite may be true. That means more complex games in the style of the Last Express, Blade Runner, Phantasmagoria or Riven. Or, if cartoony point-and-clicks are still in vogue, puzzle chains at the bare minimum more complex than MI2. Not bite-size episodic games. Sorry if my ironic disdain confused you, bro.
  2. Voted Tiller because I love the man's vision even though he hardly has the chops to follow up on it. Schafe's still paragon though.
  3. At this stage the only thing that could possibly make me happy would be Tim's ideal sandbox sequel to Grim.
  4. Bogus year. No good games, LEC is being a dick again, Telltale's starting to get boring, Double Fine's not releasing for PC, Ronzong couldn't manage a hit. 1 Star out of 5.
  5. MI2 is still the king, after all these years. Remake was bittersweet. Botched a lot of the puzzles and cut some great dialogue. Both modes were lacking. Its strongest matters, though, were the ones I relish most. Ambience, music and information. Many moments they made crackle which before were stale. Many ideas were shared which before had been shelved to shelter dust. Second hat goes to Nelson Tethers, because it was the only other one I played...
  6. They're the only ones who do anymore. There lies in my local Gamestop a forgotten copy of A Vampyre Story. It has been in the same spot for a whole year. When I happened upon it the first time, I was both amused and let down, because even though they of all people stocked something IN BOX which should not have existed in this country, it was obvious that it would be there for some time. Felt bad for the poor thing. Boxed copies altogether are going the way of the dodo. Adventure games got the axe years before, so they'll be the first to vanish. Like all things, it depends on where you live. Some US places are surprisingly well-stocked, and in the vault of a mouldering Best Buy I HAVE found CMI, Grim, those sorts of things before. They're out of the limelight, but places do carry them. It's up to luck.
  7. Good show! Especially liked the bit with Bart & Fink's theme. Works surprisingly well on the bagpipes, to the point where I at first thought it was a classic melody. Killer, mad props, and all that.
  8. Some questions are better left unanswered. Like Wally said, it's either so wonderful or so terrible that it was never meant to be found. Also, I hope they never make MI3. Why? Because the development environment and internal state of Lucasarts is so different from the eldritch times that it would necessarily be completely different from what we would have experienced had Ron stayed on board back in the day. Let sleeping dogs lie.
  9. Both, actually. If they wrangled Chan to work the backgrounds and threw in some extra puzzles ala the Design Doc, Lucasarts could have a hit on their hands. The latest builds of Scumm are definitely up to it. Or whatever Handsome Halibut is...
  10. I like the mellow aura exuded from Folsense in Layton 2. It feels like such a dreamlike, cordial place. Old photographs fade, dustily mouldering in the candlelight of antiquated shops. Sombre working men sweep the streets, forgotten divas fret in the warm lamplight of closed clubs, and at its center, the murkily luminous windows of a museum greet the traveler. Such a well-drawn, thickly atmospheric town.
  11. I love, love, love the steel drum in the intro. MI music can never get enough steel drum, in this one's opinion. Completes the natty Jamaican vibes. And the opening LA theme is downright spooky. You've done a killer job of setting the mood, with what sounds like a sitar, though I can't be sure. Very ethereal. May I inquire as to why you chose sax for Largo's theme? It suits him well, but I'm interested in hearing the thought process that went into that arrangement. Never would have expected it.
  12. Extraordinary. Reminds me of those old text adventure maps. Marvellous job, keep them coming!
  13. Excellent sample. Puzzles seemed a bit simple, but that's probably just because it's the early game. There were a few editing errors, but the voice acting is top notch. Definite first day purchase, highly anticipated. Finally we can get good adventure games again.
  14. Good job! Quality's quite nice! I love the bass in the background, and some of the effects are probably better than what Lucas themselves put out. I look forward to seeing more of your work.
  15. I can't wait to see the new Database. Also all the contest entries. I absolutely love the new avatar system. Hopefully you guys will still be doing the goofy "Avatar based on name/personality" thing that you did for the Secret Histories, from time to time.
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