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  1. Also Largo could've just pinned Guybrush to the ground, knee him in the stomach and steal his money. But one could say that Largo isn't very smart and grabbing Guybrush by the ankles like that was probably him reacting before actually thinking. Just my theory though!
  2. Thats the same thing with having positive opinions. Its simply to early to deem this game a success or a failure. I remember when MI4 was getting previews all over the place and lots of the fans were positive (along with some skeptics) and when the game came out... well I'm not going to into that minefield but you get the idea. We just have to wait and see.
  3. So no complaining till the game comes out? Fair enough, yeah, I think I can wrap my head around that. However since you can stand by your opinion (and present it) why can't people with negative opinions do the same? Sure you can say that we should wait till the game comes out to complain but ain't that the same with positive opinions? Are people allowed to praise the game to no end even when it isn't released yet?
  4. You know its funny, I've been wondering about this for a while when I was replaying SOMI and thought that those two verbs were completely useless. God its good to be back on this sight!
  5. Come on it wasn't that bad, sure the animations could've been alot better (too rigid for my tastes) but maybe the sheer awesomeness of MI2 will rub off on it remake. Hopefully that will make up for the robotic animations.
  6. A website can't turn into a zombie silly....wait can it?!
  7. I think the reason why some people think like this is because since it is set in modern times kids (like me) can better relate to it. I remember asking a friend about CoD3 (I had a vague interest in it a while back) and he replied "I dunno something about Nazis in France". Out of curiousity I asked a couple of my fellow students about WW2 (specifically D-Day) and apparently Normandy is a country. In contrast however when our gym teacher was leaving for Iraq, my friends turned into immediate experts (CoD4 had helped them well). It was suprising really, not only because of their knowledge but I also got to wear a helmet and a combat vest (bragging rights on this forum lol). It still worries me though about how MW2 is glorifying war. One level your mowing down civilians (you know to "show" the horrors of war) the next level your playing something out of a summer action flick. Also Tingler it does have sticky grenades (Semtex).
  8. I've discovered Call of Duty when I first got my Vista. I remember downloading the demo and playing it every single day. In a mere 2 weeks I managed to know that demo in and out but I still never got bored. When I got the full game I jumped for joy. I could finally play the full experience on my PC and this would be the first PC game I ever bought (I was a console gamer for a long time). After completing the first CoD at 2 am in the morning I felt fulfilled. Then a couple of months later I played CoD2 on the 360 and it was excellent. Now you must be wondering where I going with this nostalgic ramble. With the release of MW2 there were TONS of sales and it became the one of the most successful releases of all time. However this game has brought not only sales but something that I simply groan at: Yet another reason for kids (like me) to think that the military is cool and killing people is fun and easy. I really don't have a problem with the game itself but what I do have a problem with is the seeds that it is growing. I got in an argument about Bioshock and MW2. I tried to explain why I liked it more than Call of Duty and the guy I was arguing with said it wasn't realistic. I then retorted "Neither is MW2 especially since it involves Russia invading the US" but he replied "But they hate us!". Apparently it hasn't occured to some of us that the USSR ended in 1991 and Russia is no longer our enemy or ally. We are just on good terms with them like mutual friends. We may get in a small spat or two but eventually we make up and continue with our lives. Another time the subject of MW2 sprang up again and a kid (who's dad is in the Army) said that MW2 could be the most realistic game ever made if there were no sticky grenades. I simply looked on in silent shock. Do you see what I'm getting at? I know right now my ideas seem all over the place but there is only one word that springs up when I think of this sort of stuff: stupid. Is it me or is CoD brainwashing us kids into thinking that this is what the military is really like? I don't know I guess its just me throwing ideas in the wind but I just felt the need to get this off my chest.
  9. Hey Lagomorph01 where did you find that book? It looks real interesting!
  10. That is supposed be Guybrush and Bink?
  11. Don't worry I completely support your choices and are behind you (not in that way, not that there is anything wrong with that) 100%
  12. I want some more Sam and Max pls... and moar Indiana Jones with Euphoria physics for next gen consoles (Xbox360 and PS3)
  13. Why isn't the Demonic Skull on this list btw?
  14. 2009 was pretty good, we saw the return of Monkey Island and all that. Can't wait for 2010 when we get Sam and Max Season 3!
  15. I really can't bare to look at DOTT in 3D with the Telltale Engine
  16. This is my idea for a video game. Stalingrad 1942-1943 Xbox 360,PS3,PC Rated M for Mature Story: You are placed in the boots of Pvt. Tolik Goradovi, a Russian peasant from Gorky. He has been "selected" by the local commissars in his neighborhood to fight in the "glorious" battle to defend the city of their leader Josef Stalin. Barely being able to hold a rifle let alone kill someone he is pushed into the ranks of the Russian Army. Our story begins when Tolik wakes up after a failed attempt to attack a German held factory. His whole squad is slaughtered but he still retains hope that he will survive despite being lost in unknown territory..... Gameplay: Realism and authenthicity will play a major role in the gameplay. You die in one or two shots (three if your lucky). Once you get shot you begin to bleed out and must find a medic or medical supplies off of dead soldiers if you hope to survive. Depending on what difficulty your playing on or the severity of your injury the time in which you bleed out can vary. You can also (on lower difficulties) get grazed by bullets. In my game there will be no hand holding. Straight from the beginning you are on your own. You'll have to scavenge ammo and weapons. Speaking off weapons, they all have realistic and authentic features. They can degrade over time, jam, and are all modeled after their real life counterparts. Don't expect this to be a run and gun game like Call Of Duty or Medal Of Honor. Reloading takes time depending on what weapon your using and you have limited sprinting time(depending on what gear your carrying). Also there is no jumping only vaulting. Expect historically accurate weapons too. Weapons include the Mosin Nagant, SVT 40, Ppsh-41 and 42, rifle grenades, smoke grenades,precussion grenades, Kar98, MP40,MP38 (in limited use though), Gewehr 41 and 43, Dp-28, MG-34 (in limited use) and MG-42. Sidearms will also come into play but they'll have limited ammo (2 clips max). You can only carry one weapon at a time (besides a sidearm). When it comes to enemy weapons such as the MG-42 you can carry 2 ammo belts or drums and you must set it up in order for it to be in use. Depending on what difficulty enemy ammo will come in limited supply. There is also an open-world element also but I still haven't decided if I should make it like GTA (when you can do missions at anytime) or Operation Flashpoint (when you are pushed from mission to mission but you still have a great variety of choice when it comes to tactics). Another feature is the map which is activated in real time and must be updated manually from time to time. Enemy and squad A.I. will be smart. They'll be completely independent of your actions and they'll flank and retreat at random moments. Don't expect two battles to be the same. The types of combat can vary from house to house fighting to long range firefights. In my game you "feel the fear" when you come under fire when your moving from cover to cover. The objectives can vary from time to time. One minute your clearing out a whole block at night with your squad the next you could be on a search and destroy mission, hiding amongst the rubble waiting for German tanks to pass by. Expect to see atrocities committed by both sides and the true horror of war (unlike in CoD:WAW). Graphics and Length Expect all 80 kilometers of Stalingrad to be present and recreated in accurate detail (its my dream game so I can stretch it a little). The Euphoria Physics engine will come into play and the reactions to the enviroment will be different all the time. There are 60 missions in singleplayer. Thirty for 1942 and thirty for 1943. The specific graphics engine is still undecided at this time. Multiplayer Expect realistic and tactical multiplayer. There will be 10v10 multiplayer for consoles and 32v32 for PC. There will be Clan Support and Dedicated Servers (unlike MW2:thmbup1:). There will also be Mod Support for the PC version (obviously). There will be a mission editor for consoles and PC but they'll differ from each other. The modes include Team Deathmatch, Capture Territory (basically CTF but on a bigger scale),Co-op, Invasion, and Last Defense. There will 14 maps and possible DLC for singleplayer and multiplayer. You can only choose specific classes such as the typical Rifleman, Machinegunner, Sniper, Support Gunner, and Submachine Gunner. The details haven't been completely worked out yet though . So what do you guys or girls think? P.S. I'll add more things later
  17. I remember seeing the trailer for Full Throttle 2: Hell on Wheels. I almost died of laughter about how bad it was! Thank God they cancelled it!
  18. All Quiet On the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque (best war novel of all time) Hitler Youth by Suszana Bertinullio I'm also reading Frankenstein by Mary Shelley (spelling)
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