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  1. That looks really amazing! I love the style of the art, really impressive!
  2. Great book, it's got pirates, the fountain of youth, blackbeard and MOJO... What else do you need?
  3. I really love the little details like the q-tips and the chicken (with a pulley perhaps? ) and btw, does it really matter whether Star Wars or Monkey Island really 'fits' with lego? The whole point of lego is just to have fun, and this picture was made for FUN!
  4. Sorry for the late answer, but I didn't make it on a MT-32. I did it on my pc and I used Finale Notepad to make the midis.
  5. Of course I'm still interested! If you need music, just ask! I think we should at least finish a demo. We would need a puzzle-layout, some kind of plot, dialog trees, background art, sprites, someone who is able to do the programming and music. Let's make a plan!
  6. For me it was a close call between MI6, the Ron Schafer/ Tim Gilbert game and Jurassic Park. I chose for.... JURASSIC PARK I'd just love to see what that'll become, how they'll make it an adventure game with the added stress of being chased by dinosaurs. But MI6 is of course a game that has to be released somewhere in the future. The world needs it.
  7. He's wearing the same shirt I love the (pyrite) parrot btw
  8. Well, I guess it's just me.. I like CDs too
  9. Welcome back Hellbeard! It's good to have you here! Now go and play the Dig! It's one of LucasArts' best games IMO.
  10. Beautiful! I love it! It must have been one hell of a job to make it!
  11. Boxes rule! It's a pity that everything is digitalized nowadays, cause the idea of having the game on your shelf is so much better than having a directory with a new name on your computer.
  12. Is the primer layer just random or is it made for that picture in particular? Just asking 'cause I don't really recognise any of the shapes from the image in it.
  13. Just use "onbetaalbaar", it's a lot easier!
  14. The Launch of the Screaming Narwhal is AMAZING! I love it! Do you actually print any of your own posters btw? PS Could you build me a poster house too? It would be really convenient.
  15. Zork was great! I loved it! I had to use a map though to remind me where I was in the game.
  16. That's the second best song I've ever heard! I really liked it that Brando even got a short role!
  17. I read this thread too late to be able to vote, so I'm sorry about that. But that video with the Monkey Island theme is awesome! The MI2 beach theme on the bagpipes is so amazingly cool!
  18. Maybe the secret was that the cake was a lie. Oh damn it's the wrong game
  19. If it looks good in a frame, it looks good in a frame. If it does not, it doesn't. And that's where my knowledge of frames ends
  20. This thread definitely deserves the Thread of the Year award! Why? Because it describes the pure disturbingness perfectly...
  21. Certainly. But as I said, we'd lose the mojo of having a secret to be mysterious about, and world peace just ain't worth that.
  22. A lego PotC game would be great! I love the lego star wars games and I think this would be awesome!
  23. I don't think knowing the secret would make us any happier, the only reason we still talk about it is that it IS a secret. Telling it would definitely ruin the mojo surrounding it. And we ain't called the International House of Mojo for no reason, are we? The MI-fanbase without the mojo of the secret would be like an car without a whip, or like Indiana Jones without wheels...
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