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  1. Actually I know of one. I run it. We just do it for the love of gaming. We've been around for 20 years and have released 0 games. Ok I see your point.
  2. They can't. It would be embarassing. Just go back to all the 20th anniversay articles and pretend the 20 is a 30. There's no content to add to that. The decade of shame.
  3. Very impressive. I don't think I could do that. I can't even do that now, after seeing that sequence at least 1138 times.
  4. Successfully installing means testing, which means running the game, which means you've started, and you won't stop until you've finished. Which for a first Monkey Island 2 play-through could take weeks. Poor book
  5. We share similar tastes... Fate of Atlantis would be my 2nd choice. The perfect game. Monkey Island 2 is better
  6. That is correct And you're about to play the best game of all time.
  7. Aaah yes, that's true s-island. But essentially the game is the same. I totally forgot about the ommision of the lite mode. Important thing is, there's no CD version that has anything "extra" over the original.
  8. whipwarrior: Laserschwert is right. There's no actual "CD-ROM version". The only CD-ROM releases of Monkey Island two were compilations which featured the floppy version. I've been collecting various versions of these games for years, and I can tell you that Monkey Island 2 is about the easiest, as there is only one PC version. All subsequent releases are copies of the original floppy version. I just checked my White Label Double Pack CD, and the files are the same as my original floppy version. Monkey Island 1 has a version with CD audio, and this would be included in the compilation CDs. Monkey 2 uses iMuse and never had CD audio.
  9. I doubt anyone at "LucasArts" even knows what SCUMM is. I see George Lucas has retired again. How about devoting some time to fixing your once-great games company? All he has to do is fire everyone, get all the old people back, and make sure there's always pizza. Amazing games will come
  10. That's awesome! I'm going to ask my mother to make me one for my 34th birthday.
  11. Hey nah it's cool! There's eternal gratefulness to you guys, not pressure.
  12. Yeah the poor old thing is down again.
  13. My dark side feels obligated at this point to say... I HAVE TWO! My dark side apologises.
  14. It's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!! Thankyou Mojo.
  15. "The server is up… … but http://mixnmojo.com might have expired… Whoops! #TotallyLookingIntoIt #prayformojo" um... When the SCUMM Bar closed I spent 2 years in rehab. Pray harder.
  16. Aaah thanks! I'm such an old-fashioned nerd. I can break apart a SCUMM game into tiny pieces and then put it back together but I have no clue how Twitter works.
  17. Not to state the obvious, but can't find any posts on the matter of mojo being down, and the resulting depression slowly setting in. Is there hope?
  18. Lexxbomb I think the point is, those images would print just as well, if not better, without the upscaling. The original size image would be crisper. Not commenting on the quality of your work but upscaling kinda ruins it. It's like when people take crappy mobile phone videos and resize them to 1080p, and then upload them to YouTube claiming it's an HD video. They should be shot!
  19. I might be shot, but Lexxbomb's poster is, apart from needing a good cleanup, by far the best version I've seen, but a massive, huge, enormous chasm of a margin. LeChuck has a beard. Not a lego beard kit. And Guybrush looks like Guybrush. I don't see this being a bad thing. This is the first time I've seen SE cover art that vaguely resembles anything I can take even halfway seriously. It makes me want to play the game, not get my 4 year-old to play it for me. Love it, but none of these have anything on the original, and in my opinion, only art worthy of gracing MI2.
  20. Thanks for the heads-up! I'm gonna check it out later.
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