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  1. They're too busy firing people to care about customers. It's been 3 months anyway, it doesn't take 3 months to release a patch.
  2. hey hey... rushing favours is rude.
  3. omg you're kidding... no you're not. And I was just sitting here thinking, damn I watched all my movies and series and need some entertainment. Superb superb.
  4. Um... sorry this made me laugh lol! LucasArts don't do full-on adventure production. They do disappointment. 10+ years ago LucasArts did full-on adventure production. Telltale out-LucasArts LucasArts by a million to one.
  5. I think it's so cool that I'm downloading new music from Highland Productions. Makes me feel much younger than I am
  6. Actually a battle is exactly what you'll get, just not the sort you're looking for
  7. The fact that the Xbox version hasn't been patched for iMuse is ridiculous. The fact that only the Steam version has been patched at all is even more ridiculous. But this is LucasArts we're talking about. I'm surprised that other people are surprised about the latest developments over there. They got a lot of praise recently for what really only amounts to a couple of remakes and a budget puzzle game. I wouldn't hold my breath for a patch. My version isn't patched yet either. Hell will freeze over first.
  8. How about Dom himself? All he needs to do is give up his cooking blogs, and food, for a year. And get a wig. And acting lessons... ok ok maybe not
  9. Hi


    Let me know when you've downloaded this so I can delete it:



    I'll send you the bill for the million dollars later :)

  10. Haha! Happy Birthday! Another Peep Show fan I see
  11. Exactly. Musiclyinspired: I see what you're saying too, but remember that in, for example Lost, a lot of questions were answered, but there are things that are open to interpretation and I think it takes great talent and thought to create such a story. Yes we do want answers, and we get them too, but stuff like Lost, and Dan Brown's books... they leave you with more than answers. They leave you with something to ponder. From experience, I think that after months or years of thought, I'm often left more satisfied with a MI2 style ending than a MI1 type ending. Same with Lost. It's this room for interpretation in the story that probably entertains us just as much as those 320x200 graphics in the old SCUMM games. Somehow the old graphics have MORE detail than the 1080p remake, because things aren't as obvious. Your brain fills in the gaps, it makes it your own experience as much as that of the people who created it. I've been thinking about the MI2 ending for 19 years, and my take on it not only ticks all the logic boxes but is also better and more satisfying to me than any crystal clear ending LucasArts could've force-fed me. I love that. Also, here we are 2 decades later still talking about it. And it only cost me (edit: I mean my mother) 50 bucks! Scurvyliver: I can't think of anyone on any other forum who's been a member for a decade and yet manages to double their post count in 24 hours!
  12. Scurvyliver yeah, MI and Lost sit on the same shelf. In fact I've always seen Lost as a sort of magnificent combination of Indy and Monkey Island style themes. Probably the best thing ever made for television, IMO. I'd have to agree that those who don't like Lost are probably rather missing the point, either through ignorance or inability to understand. You need to really pay attention and dedicate several brain cells to the cause, but do that and what a wonderful reward you get. I like that. Now I need to go watch Inception. You guys have me sold.
  13. I should be doing this in the other thread, but my point is, it's the stuff we don't know that keeps something alive after it's "finished". I see a lot of people are quite angry about the ending of Lost but I thought it was perfect. People are trying to get rid of the thing that made them love it in the first place: mystery. If they'd presented all the answers on a platter for us in the final episode, that would've been that, but I've spent hours and hours thinking and theorising since that final episode, and very satisfactorily so. Now THAT'S entertainment that goes beyond the box with the disks in it. Monkey Island does much the same. We wouldn't be nearly as interested if we knew the answer to every question.
  14. Are there any Lost fans here? Happy with the ending? (I AM going somewhere with this... eventually)
  15. Sorry elTee if I hit a nerve, didn't mean to. I just found your review quite... happy... compared to the older mojo reviews which were quite honest! Like I said, yes I love the SE, but I'm lamenting what should've been. That's all. And anyone who spends money on anything is entitled to give their opinion on it. Like you said, the atmosphere IS great, that's the most important thing. To me, a huge part of my love for the originals comes from the exceptional quality they had. This quality seems like a thing of the past for LucasArts and it makes me sad. I'm a sucker for painstaking attention to detail, and over the years I've come to expect just that from LucasArts. The new team has a long way to go still. At the end of the day, do I want my 10 bucks back? Of course not! But it should be better than it is.
  16. It is indeed fantastic, and I love it. It's just that it could've been better, at no additional cost, if they had someone there who knew the game as well as we do. I am merely lamenting that fact. Wasted opportunity. Things like using the wrong MIDI instruments are still pretty poor, you have to admit, and the patch was for things that really should not have been released in that state in the first place so I don't see why LucasArts deserves applause for it. I've never had applause for fixing a website that was broken when I delivered it. Don't get me wrong I do love what they've done, and I believe we do all share the same opinion of the SE, except elTee, who is very valuable to this community but seems to see this SE through rose-tinted glasses. There is stuff wrong with it that shouldn't be wrong with it, that's a simple fact. Doesn't mean I'm not enjoying it, but LucasArts' idea of quality control is useless and certain parts will irritate me until they are fixed, if ever. This was never a problem with the classic LucasArts titles. In my mind, if you're going to remake a classic game, you need to include all the things that made it great in the first place, including the polished quality of MI2. Fail. If they had the time to include audio commentary and concept art, none of which is essential, then they had time to get basics right, which is.
  17. Surely it would've cost LucasArts a lot less money to supply one of us with pizza and beer for a couple of weeks while overseeing their project. It's clear that the people on these forums have a much deeper knowledge of Monkey Island than anyone currently working at LucasArts.
  18. How I miss the days where you could just download an exe patch. To apply to the game you installed from disks. Those borders would take a LOT longer than 10 minutes!
  19. This is all rubbish. His parents dropped him off there. We all know that
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