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  1. https://rapidshare.com/files/333717254/Cant.eps
  2. May marked the 30th year of Lucasarts. That's a pretty big milestone for a video game company. I remember the celebration they held in honor of their 20th anniversary in 2002 with a special website and a soundtrack compilation album. Did they do anything at all to commemorate the moment this year?
  3. Monkey Island 2 Special Edition was 2010.
  4. Oh right. I forgot about that. Judging by the video from last year, I have the feeling it will be lame.
  5. E3 is a time when many developers announce new games. Things have been quite at Lucasarts lately. Lucasarts is known to have many games in production at a time, but all that's happening now is The Old Republic. I'm really curious to see what else they're working on.
  6. That's really beautiful, Laserschwert. A work of love.
  7. If you have the Steam version, your save games are stored online, so they can be accessed at any time.
  8. I think you got it from this thread.
  9. In my opinion, Special Editions aren't necessary for any game released between 1995 and today.
  10. You mean like a Xbox 360 controller that works on every Windows computer?
  11. I'm still hoping for a PC version sometime down the road.
  12. Has anyone managed to extract the soundtrack files? I used the same instruction that were used with the MI:SE, but I can't convert the track files. Edit: Nevermind, I converted them with VLC.
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