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  1. I want every armor included in that mod, but it's own armor, and not just something that overwrites existing models.
  2. Isn't that just going to erase the armor? BTW, I never installed it because I knew that it over wrote stuff.
  3. Can someone change the Movie mandalorians mod for me so that it does not replace ANYTHING, just makes it a new Armour ingame? (All of the variations please) I really want to be able to play with that armor, but I don't want it to replace any the armor already in game. Also, don't place it anywhere in the game either, just so it's attainable only by cheats. Here is a link to the mod. http://files.filefront.com/Movie+Mandalorians+v310zip/;12267315;/fileinfo.html I realize that this is someone else work, which is why I only want it for personal use.
  4. I am looking for a few mods, I just don't remember their names so I will describe them First, the mod that makes Atton sit in place when you talk to him on the Ebon Hawk, instead of just watching him sit down over and over. Next is the Atris to Darth Traya thing. It makes Atris use that unused Darth Traya model when you go to her academy towards the end of the game. That's it for now. I'm pretty sure these are all the mods I need.
  5. Yeah thanks, got your PM, sent the email. ^^
  6. Yeah if it was my only mod I would have deleted it a long time ago . I need someone to remove the M4-78 content from the file at this point, I deleted all the other files from that mod, all that is left is whatever was put into the appearance.2da file. I can't make head or tail of modding the Kotor games so I need someone to do this for me if they have time XP I'm more used to doing stuff in Jedi Academy
  7. Well, I downloaded a mod for Kotor 2 that I really don't want. If I give someone my Appearance.2da file and the one from the mod, can you remove that mod's contents from my Appearance.2da? The mod I downloaded was the restored M4-78 droid planet mod, I felt that it stretched the game out a bit too much so I want to get rid of it. I deleted all the other files for it, but I would also like the Appearance.2da cleared of that mod's contents as well. Can someone do this for me please?
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