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  1. I didn’t laugh once at any of it, thought the game was plain and just generic. When I was looking around for something, I just didn’t care what had to be said and just well didn’t enjoy it really
  2. Took me a while to do this puzzle like a long time, eventually figured it out but i dont remember how i did it now
  3. Yes i wasnt taking that way from you and i respect people who do like it, maybe instead of telling me its my opinion which is obvious because i posted it, explain to me why people like it so much? whats about it that appeals to people?
  4. Well it being the second best is all subjective though really. I enjoyed myself much more playing The Dig and in my view it didn’t have its appeal nor did it really make me want to finish it, had to force myself! So I hope I don’t run in to many more like that =/
  5. and ive got to say i thought it was lame, a very way overated game i didnt really get in to nor enjoy. Has to be the worse Lucasarts game ive played
  6. So hows this working then? I hear something about them being on download first then on disc? Anyone clarify?
  7. there are so many adventure games i play in between sometimes it can be longer, currently im just going through other old lucas arts adventures for the first time:shades2:
  8. In certain reviews ive read this game has been given as a dark one of the lucas arts chain and such, when i played it i was hooked. Yeah some puzzle were ridicuously impossible but all in all was an entertaining game to play on, the first non humour one although there were one liners here and there which were probably unintentionally funny Maybe its me but why do they have bad reviews? i loved this game
  9. I try and not play them for like over 2 years apart because then going back to it theres always something which ive forgotten about and ive loved playing it all over again!
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