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  1. I read Dynasty of Evil. Excellent finale.

  2. I'm reading Darth Bane: Rule of Two, still haven't read the whole thing.
  3. BOOO...HISSSS! Some one needs to get a life. Not you, rc-2212payback
  4. I don't know of any sith tunics any where, but here is what I would suggest. Buy a long sleeve shirt (black if your get up is black) and buy a black bath robe to wear over the shirt. Now when I say bath robe I don't mean a fuzzy plush robe...:s I mean something like felt. If the robe drops below your knees just use some pins to pin it up how you want it. Then for your waist use a black towel to rap around and hold in place with a big black belt. I did something similar for a jedi costume and it was not too shabby.
  5. Bout time!!! Looks great! I like the comments on the wallpaper at the official website, "shovel lightsaber"! LOL
  6. Well in the one legacy comic with Bane's holocron, it seemed that Bane and Andeddu both were in agreement with each other when it came to Darth Krayt. It almost hard to say what Andeddu will do. But then again that part of the comic will probably be consider retcon since Bane's hologram still showed him in his Orbelisk armor.


    We'll just have to wait until the next book comes out I guess!

  7. Another hint: He died at malachor V at the hands of the exile. Shades of past sith lord, Sion.


    I believe Andeddu will treat Bane like all others and pretend to indulge him, give him a technique to prolong his life even after being struck down. Allowing him to live albeit in agony until he gives up because his powers are diminishing or just plain can't best his opponent. As we saw in rule of two, he was very good at dueling, but not the most refined nor immune to being struck.


    So I believe Bane will die either fighting to the last, or in a graceful dignified fashion acknowledging his apprentice one last time.


    Mind you this is speculative and merely my prediction.


    Could instead be a rematch of that-betrayal accusation in the desert, after bane disposed of the assassins and Hetton. Except this time Zannah will have more tricks. If back then she held off his full fury, I wonder what she can do now 20 years later.

  8. "Given also Bane's fighting style...I'll let you guess what or who else I think Bane will bear similarity to. Hint: Very similar to Andeddu in a major way, yet fought like a brute."



  9. I do think Zannah will have some tricks up her sleeve as well. She may not be able to use all the saber forms, but I'd take bet the holocron of marauder Belia Darzu and lord Freedon Nadd will rectify that and give her some knowledge/training bane himself didn't get. Freedon knew a thing or two about transcending the physical--so I'm sure his knowledge will also play a role.

  10. Zannah is in for a difficult fight. Given what I do know about it from the legacy series, and the differences between Bane and others who've attempted to glean the ancient's knowledge, I have my suspicions that the holocron of Andeddu will be of heavy influence in their last fight. Given also Bane's fighting style...I'll let you guess what or who else I think Bane will bear similarity to. Hint: Very similar to Andeddu in a major way, yet fought like a brute.

  11. Ouija Boards were proven fake by Penn & Teller on their Showtime show Bullsh**. <Snipped> Sorry words not appropriate for a PG13 Forum -- j7
  12. quote=Wonder if it will have anything else preview about SWTOR in a sort of retcon lookback way.


    Never thought of that! Probably not though since since SWTOR is still a couple thousand years before Bane. I'm just hoping that Drew won't kill Bane off in some pathetic way.

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