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  1. List some maps that you want in swbf3!
  2. ^On weekends there are normally 5-6 servers up
  3. Thanks troll! 1.Not spam 2.Do you want be me to create a duplicate thread next time? 3.Thanks troll!
  4. So far I just have Republic: Liek my ideas? Comment
  5. Is this serious? What other class has THREE OHK weapons?
  6. Name on site: omgwtfbbqlolzorz Name in game: OMGWTFBBQL0LZ0RZ Platform(s): XBOX (soon to be PC) Position(s) you want to play: Heavy Trooper, Sniper Contact info: Email:cameronfkoehler@yahoo.com, xfire: omgwtfbbqlolzorz Extra info: I am a very good heavy trooper and have played in many leagues and clans
  7. I love using mines. What I do is place them on walls right inside the door. So they cant see them when they walk thru
  8. Fav: Alaya and Dmaul Hate:Dookie face- always get me with that slow to powerful attack
  9. The only problem with swbf2 on live is this; If you play on a 360 whenever you are online, every move you make makes you move a little to the right
  10. Yes they are shutting down. And I have some nice ocean front land in oregon at a low price
  11. Could some one please post a screenie of both the class selections from the KOTOR mod So that I can see all the units and there weapons for both sides? Thanks a ton! -Cameron
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