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  1. I've been playing around for awhile with G0-T0 in my party, yet whatever I do an influence opportunity never comes up, I complimented the droid on how well it's built, but I don't think there's been anything other than that.
  2. I know I left out Mical, I realized it after I was done with the poll, but I came back and found I couldn't edit him into the poll.
  3. Who do you think is the best lost jedi? Not character-wise really, but moreso who's best fit for the jedi, and who would make the biggest impact on the Order.
  4. The battle circle is tough, even for a Guardian with a high strength. I've played as a Consular in all but 1 game (my current one) so I know alot about fighting as a real underdog in the battle circle. What I'd suggest is: 1)If the person you're fighting allows melee weapons, choose a very effective weapon like the Shyarn or Trandoshan Double blades, etc. that deal alot of damage. 2)Use armor that has bonuses on piercing, bludgeoning, etc. 3)Stock up on items that deal with things purely made for combat: Fortitude, Will Saves, etc. as well as Strength, Defense, and Dexterity. Constitution also helps alot. Other than that pure luck is what you need. It took me a while to master the battle circle but even as a low- strength consular you can make it through. If none of this works though, do what everybody is suggesting, turn on a Mandalorian Melee shield before you speak to the sergeant or take ridiculous amounts of Stims.
  5. PTSD, stress, issues like divorce or things like that, but two big things stand out: 1)How the military treats its veterans, and 2)Doing multiple tours. The price of having more troops in Iraq and Afghanistan is that many of our boys have to stay over there for several years. After that long in a warzone who wouldn't go insane? I just hope these guys get the help they need...other soldiers should report if they notice another guy acting really strangely, and they can get the help they need.
  6. I'm a big fan of the Battlefront series, and it just amuses me how LA thinks they can actually get a large amount of success by selling these crappy handheld battlefront-wannabes. The original Battlefront was the best selling Star wars game of all time. How did it succeed? Not just because it was a very good game and was the first Star wars FPS. It was released on all available systems. For FPS's it's essential to release the game on every system, so you can market to everybody. Seriously, how hard is it to convert the game to work on an Xbox or PS3? And the whole Clone injected with jedi DNA storyline is filled with failure. Is this really what lucasarts is trying to appeal people with? Really?
  7. No question about this, Revan. Revan was very strong in the force, he was very skilled with a lightsaber, and he's much, much smarter than Sion. It wouldn't be tough to draw Sion into a trap, I mean come on, he's a brute and he deals with things by smashing into them. Although Revan would have a tough time dealing with the immortality of Sion, he could probably beat Sion into submission enough so that the same thing would happen as with the Exile- he would let go of the force and die.
  8. Do you think you will be able to change classes in-game? For example, can jedi fall and sith be redeemed, or certain non-sith/jedi characters be found to have force potential and be trained as a sith or jedi? I think it would be great if Bioware did this, it would add another good element to the game. After all, if you're stuck with being a jedi the whole game and you want to go sith you'd have to make an entirely new character...why not just turn to the darkside mid-game? Thoughts?
  9. I'll be a jedi, I couldn't stand being evil in k1, it's just not how I am. However, I will follow the Kreian idea in that I will look at both sides of the coin, because the Sith history is just as rich as the Jedi history. My main character will be Jedi but I will make a side character as a Sith (preferably with an awesome costume like Revan ) and possibly yet another side character as a Chaotic Good Mandalorian/Republic Trooper. That's if mandalorians are a class/race in this game.
  10. T3. I loved the little guy ever since K1 on Taris, and I hate G0-T0, he's totally useless in a fight and I just hate Goto in general, because he keeps trying to manipulate you and repair the republic. I still don't know how he figured keeping Malachor in one piece would help the Republic
  11. I finished another K1 game about a month ago, and now I'm still going through K2, I'm just tying up loose ends and playing for fun
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