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  1. Just had an idea for an RP and thought I might as well give it a try. Basically you get to choose a jedi from the prequal trilogy. Time period is set during EP 3 when order 66 is sent out. We will be altering the actuall turn of events because our jedi will survive and the goal of our RP will be to revive the jedi order while trying to stay one step ahead of Vader who is hunting us the entire time. If anyone is interested in playing Vader, or the emporer or any other bad guy that's fine too, as long as you don't go killing off us goodguys without the character "owners" permission. tounge.gif (Same for good guys, no killing player-owned characters without permission) Everyone can feel free to have multiple Jedi if you like. I'll see what kind of a response this gets and then decide how many jedi I will play but for now I will take Eath Koth and Zet Zukasa. (I'll just say that Eath is Zet's Master) I would like to go over a few rules just for formalities sake. First, simply, be civil. No God-moding please. Don't say what other people's characters do unless they say it is ok. I know people do that some places, but for this particular RP the direction I was wanting to take it I would prefer that not be done. Other than that, just try and keep things realistick within the star wars galaxy. smilesmall.gif
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