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  1. BONUS CONTENT: JKII VS Monty Python sorry for double posting, but the images couldnt fit into one message
  2. in an attempt to ressurect this thread. i'm gonna repost what i could salvage of my old work. perhaps it will inspire new artists
  3. Yes yes! finally you even got all mine in there WTG Kurgan, this thread deserves eternal life.
  4. i still have most of mine.. it could be fun to revive that thread..
  5. LOL anyways, if you are using windows xp or 2k, it reserves some bandwidth for dl'ing updates, even if you have turned automatic downloads off. i read a guide somwhere how to turn it of i'll post it whn i find it. on the testing computer they got up to 10% faster speeds on a modem as i recall.
  6. its not the ASE, but the simple fact that the ingame server list is not showing all the servers, in fact i've never seen more than 20-30 servers on that list. the ASE works perfect on my pc, but i'm a bit dissapointed about the ingame one. clearly Raven has the experience from JK to make this more adducate, and considering that it works about the same way as JK did, where i got (and still get) hundreds of servers showing up, i fail to see the problem here. so, unless the masterserver is a 486dx with 8mb's of ram running on a 12k modem there out to be more servers showing up on that list.
  7. i have the eye too, but it feels kinda wrong that u have to use third party software to find a server u can join. so far i've only once --> ONCE been able to join a server via the ingame list..
  8. same here.. i dont know if this is a bug.. but is seem very unlikely that there's only 20-30 servers up. why dont the masterserver just send the dang list?
  9. kurgan, i tried that.. but i think my router is interfering with something.. my servers doesnt show up on the master list nor does anyone join.. i think i got the port triggering and fowarding figured out in most other games, but JA an JK is one tough nut to crack. i've opened the correct ports according to lucas support but it doesnt help.
  10. k.. so i startup JA, getting a fresh list.. oh my.. theres 1..2..3 wow 21 servers.. 14 of them is locked.. 2 siege severs full offcourse.. the rest of them is either ffa or ctf.. 2 siege servers? and only 21 servers on the entire list? whats up eith that.. in JK there was 100's of servers 24/7, doesnt anyone play JA at all?
  11. i played the first 2 missions, when i returned from the third one (disarm bombs at volcano) the first 2 missions was sellectable againg, meaning they were not greyed out, and i could assign forcepoints and so on. i've played the rescue droid mission and the other on tatooine 3 times now.. werent a mission, once you played trough it, supposed to be greyed out so you coulndt sellect it again? this happened twice, before the game progressed. so now i am plaing the ice planet with 3 maxed out force points. i got to play 10 initial mission before i moved on. is this supposed to happen?
  12. before you start, yes i know.. wrong forum.. plz hear me out: anyways, i have a mx700, i posted this in the tech support forum, but i didnt get any reply so i'm trying my luck here. this is a problem i'm having with all games using the q3 engine, elite force, jk, JA and so on: when i press a mouse button lets take primary fire for an example, the game sometimes fails to recognize that i have released the button again, and so i will keep fireing even though i'm not touching the mouse button at all. this is tolerable becouse i just have to press it again to stop fireing. but what i cannot workaround is the right mouse button wich i have assigned to jump. (this is the only way i can play. belive me, i have tried!) this button behaves the same way resulting in totally uncontrolable jumps and a unplayable game what so ever. keep in mind that this happens at random once every 6 or 8 clicks. sometimes 12 or 13 clicks after each other. i'm playing with brand new batteries, the reciever is only 5 inches away, so its not a problem with the signal, coz as i said before, this ONLY happens when i play games using the q3 engine. i've even gotten the mouse replaced with a brand new one, same problem. i have the latest drivers for it (i think i've tried all the driver versions by now), i have tried switching usb ports and even tried the ps2 adaptor with no luck. i've had this mouse for 4-5 months now, and in that time i have gotten a totally new pc with a very different composition, same problem, proving that its not a hardware error. i am currently playing JA on my old ball mouse wich doesnt have that problem (neither does any other mouse than the MX700) but it makes MP unplayable IMO due the the lack of precicion. with all the facts i have given above, i can only see that it MUST be a problem with the MX700 mouse in general when using the q3 enginge, but i have never heard of anyone having the same problem.. ever? so plz.. if you have this mouse and a problem remotely like mine, plz feel free to post it and/or any suggestions on what to do about it. i have mailed logitech several times explaining my problem, but they have never answered me even once.
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