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  1. Ey guys, check this out: http://grumpygamer.com/9738448
  2. Straight from Steve Purcell's blog, aka Spudvision: It's both amazing and amusing how Guybrush looked like back then. http://spudvisionblog.blogspot.com/
  3. Happy birthday spoon_man! I would love my GF gave me a self-made LucasArts-related item.
  4. Agreed. We may have been scratching our heads all this time thinking on a big SECRET for the whole saga when, actually, it could be that there was one for each game. That makes sense if you analyse how different is MI2 from the first one in almost every aspect. It looks like as if Gilbert thought everything again after the success of SMI to create a much bigger and somewhat baffling secret. And considering what he said on interviews about doing whatever was necessary at LucasArts to avoid being fired at the time, it seems more plausible to believe this theory rather than that of a young programmer designing a whole pirate saga from the beginning. I mean, for sure LucasArts gave Gilbert a tight schedule (and a small budget) at the time to make SMI, and everyone knows how hard is for an artist to stick with a schedule. Was there time to imagine a whole series of games? Of course, once he succeded with the first one, he was given a much bigger budget and plenty of time to create a sequel that matched up to its predecessor, so he made this strange second secret that made all of us think and speak about. Considering this, I believe that if by any chance Gilbert were to make a new installment of MI, he would tell a completely different story (with a new secret) that had nothing to do with what we saw in SMI and MI2; just like a third tale in a series of pirate-themed adventure books that only shared its main characters between its stories. What do you think about this? It makes sense, don't you think?
  5. Ey guys, just checked Symbiote Studios website to see whether they had made a MI 2-related statue, and despite they hadn't, I saw the MI:SE one on sale. Now it's not so awfully expensive, so I thought someone might be interested. http://www.symbiotestudios.com/monkey-island-statue-es.html PS: I'm not trying to spam here. PS2: Dela Longfish (the person behind the art of MI:SE) has posted some nice concept art of Lechuck in his/her website ( http://longfish.blogspot.com/ ). Here's the link to the image itself: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_DzlhTtot25o/TCwY3kYv78I/AAAAAAAAAT4/4XjJoBR-C0U/s1600/Chuck_2.jpg
  6. No I don't. I don't think it's a secret that needs to be discovered. The whole Monkey Island series is based on it, so giving it away would mean the end of the series; I prefer to keep it hidden and safe... until Ron Gilbert (or his family) write it on his grave. Anyway, I'm sure most of it has been discovered, if not all. Even with the wildest explanation, it must be related with the events that happened in 1 & 2, with a "real" 3rd part being just explanatory; therefore it surely has to do with the amusement park, the connected islands, a boy's dreams, LeChuck's spell... plus whatever Ron would want to add to the final game to make it spicy and unexpected.
  7. Thank you for your effort! It is greatly appreciated.
  8. Man, that's fantastic. I myself am Spanish and my girlfriend knows about El Pollo Diablo (cause I use the expression from time to time when talking to my cousin). She doesn't know where it's from, but rest assured she will sooner or later...
  9. Creta Island on Indy Atlantis! It always gives me that sense of calmness
  10. That is amazing quality indeed. Well worth the money it costs! Thanks for sharing it. BTW just got an idea: Why won't we open a Framed Posters gallery thread to show the world our printings? That way we could leave this one exclusively for additions & questions only; more organized I believe.
  11. My turn. Hope you like it! Thanks Laserschwert!
  12. Happy Birthday Stephen! Sooner than you think you'll be leaving Grog Light and drinking a proper mug of Grog with us PS: Tell your mum a whole forum community loves her now.
  13. Screenshot, please? Never noticed the fish. EDIT: Found it: (1:41)
  14. Indeed, that's what the SE needed: CONTRAST + grain = Absolute winner. You're my idol Laserschwert; now start working on a patch to add those effects when the game is released, ha!
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