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  1. As I have stated elsewhere I have no problem with Guybrush's new hair, I know many do. However I hate how he looks on the new poster/cover. Gone is his fearful look of amazement, and now he has this stupid goofy grin and his hair is ten feet tall! Don't mind the hair on the sprite or the closeups, in fact I think it is amusing. He looks like a very lovable dork to me. However I think the hair and face on the poster is hideous! So I went about fixing it. And viola, here is how I think the cover should look, keeping his hair in the same style at the SE sprite and closeups but fixing it to not look stupid and putting his face the way it was on the original poster - Original version Original SE version EDIT :- I just created a high definition version of this poster so I can display it and show my love for the SE of Monkey Island (sans hideous surfer moron Guybrush). Thought I would share it here for anyone that wanted it. Working on a wallpaper now too. Download Link Preview - EDIT: Link to wallpaper - http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=198410
  2. Thanks for doing this! So happy to see so many people asking for Monkey 2. Damn I hope this game sells really well and we get more Lucasarts Special Editions, especially Monkey 2 and Fate of Atlantis! Oh and Sythnetic Gerbil, Spiffy is back in the game with a full close up :-D
  3. Anyone seen this, it's much better than the Special Edition poster (not hating on the SE though, love everything other than that poster hair). - Monkey Island Poster by Javier Burgos
  4. Because he could have done one based on the new artwork style, rather than the old. And there would be no reason to copy his own original poster either.
  5. I disagree with you on the sprite, I like it. In fact the more I look at him the more I like him. Sure the hair is a little silly but he looks like a lovable dork to me, the face front on look makes me smile! He looks confused and afraid... Which IS the way he should look on the cover art. I agree 100% on that. I have no problem with Guybrush's face on the cover, just his hair and expression. Wish Steve ahd done the new cover. At least he's doing a Tales of Monkey Island cover.
  6. My first reaction to this announcment was, "OMFG YESS! At last, now make Monkey 5". Followed by "OMFG YES MONKEY 5 AT Last!" (referring to Tales). Then I saw the poster artwork and my second reaction was "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH GUYBRUSH'S HAIR?!!". However I do not have the same problem with the sprite many of you seem to loath. Sure the basin cut is pretty ugly. But I think he looks like a lovable dork, while many of you think he looks unlikable!? Yes I would prefer his hair was closer to the original style and the COMI style too, but I don't have a huge problem with the sprite at all. And when hearing the great voice over with the sprite he feels like Guybrush to me. And while I'm not overly fond of the hair in the closeups, it looks ok. Gotta say the above mockup looks better though, and so does the concept art. And if there is a chance they can change it before release, then my vote is a BIG YES. Please LA, if you have time to make his hair a little closer to the original style and less of the basin cut with giant fringe, PLEASE DO! Hate that poster hair too! Why the hell didn't they get Steve Purcell to do the new cover? Sure the rest of it is OK (besides Guybrush's ten feet tall hair), but it would have been WAY COOLER had Purcell done a new version.
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