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  1. It will. There are too many things we want, for it to deliver. Hope I'm wrong though.
  2. How long do you think his journey to work is? lol Do you think they will announce as soon as he get's there, or after he's had a coffee?
  3. Holy crap, there is a REAL Monkey Island!? Have you been? It looks really small on that map. The satellite image shows nothing.
  4. LOL, that's pretty cool IMO. I mean I wouldn't want it in the game, but I like the twist on GB. And while I think Paco's nw Guybrush is wonderfully done, I think he's looks a little too much like a bad ass. Too ruggedly handsome. Although I can see why Fealiks likes it, not that I am suggesting all his gay innuendo is anything more than that
  5. Yeah it's very good. Guybrush and Elaine could be a little better in the faces but everyone looks awesome. Especially Stan and Herman.
  6. Trying to not get too excited in case this is nothing too amazing. But I gotta say, there are so many awesome things it could be, looking forward to Monday (if nothing else it will be one day closer to Tuesday!!).
  7. So excited, I watched the video showing the beginning like 10 times already. So funny! Already looks better than Curse and Escape to me! I wonder how many times I'll play through the first episode while waiting for the second?
  9. My bad, I failed to be clear that I was also joking. I missed my wink smiley on the end. No harm
  10. Lol, I will post it Monday then I guess. Gift or not.
  11. I offered it to you with "if you want". I expected you to tell me that you wanted it, and then I would have given it. Let's not pretend I made a promise that I didn't live up to here Do you want it? (hint: you have to tell me you do and then I'll send it you). I just joking buddy, PM me if you want it and I'll send it you on monday, I don't have it now. I would give you the one with the original head but I cut it our before I made it into a wallpaper, so without my head, he's headless.
  12. LOL, yeah right, I'm going to waste my time on you again. You made claims that you said certain things, I posted direct quotes from your post clearly showing you said something completely different. You just ignored them. We already buried this hatchet, TWICE! But you can't stop can you? Waste of time arguing with you. You just love stirring up trouble. I have better things to do than feed trolls. You get off on internet squabbles and ****ting on other people for no reason, I have better things to do. So peace out.
  13. Yeah I'll do that, because I want to do it for myself. And Scapetti as I said I only wouldn't do it for you because I hate that version so I don't want to spend 20 mins editing it to make a wallpaper for you, sorry. I did offer you the photoshop file of mine to change back yourself though.
  14. Hey, no need to be a jerk! When I created my version I just took the head from another piece of work from the game, which I have stated a bunch of times. The close up on Guybrush when he sees Meathook's parrot to be exact. So the image he saw was just that close up. Not my version that mixes the two.
  15. Thanks LordTrilobite. Gimme until Monday for that wallpaper, Irfaan. Last week was crazy at work and I'm going to take a break from Photoshop over the weekend.
  16. Probably don't need to post in both topics dude. Looks cool though (as I said in the other topic).
  17. Pretty cool irishsmile. He's a bit off, but as you say your not an animator. I preferred your first version of GB though.
  18. Got to know, him. Still a dick. And that post was right after he just got called out for being a dick. And in our last argument I pointed out a bunch of times when he claimed he said things that he had not said (or that he was talking about something he wasn't because he was proved wrong on his first point). He just ignored the fact he was clearly wrong, so I have to question his ability to admit he was wrong too. Other than right after he's been called out for ****ting on everyone else while not actually contributing anything of worth himself. Whatever, I have better things to do than waste my time on idiots like him. I actually come here to have pleasant and polite discussions with other decent and like minded people. Of which there is plenty, but there is always that one jerk who has to start trouble every times he posts, it's what he gets off on.
  19. Don't be absurd, you don't honestly want me to believe you thought Lucasarts send spies to argue there games look good on message forums? Your problem is you have don't understand that people can have a different opinion to you on subjective matters.
  20. He's abrasive when he's being nice, and he's rarely nice. Usually he's outright rude, arrogant, convinced he's right about everything and has no respect for other people's opinions. But yeah, other than that he's a great geezer.
  21. Er... this is an unfair description of me. Sure I did "fix" the poster, to my liking but I don't think it's accurate to say I complain about extremely minor details at all, in fact I have not complained about anything other than the poster! And I never said Lucasarts couldn't fix it, I used there own art to fix it! They clearly can because the head I used to fix it was one they did. In fact Gerbil accused me of being too defensive of the games just because I disagreed with his criticisms. The only thing I have complained about is the poster, that's it. Other than that I am one of the biggest lovers of the SE on here and have not posted a single complaint about Tales of. I'm very happy with how it looks is the videos, especially the latest one. Sure it could be improved, but everything can be improved.
  22. You know what, you are one of the rudest people I have ever had the misfortune to communicate with on a forum! You really never have anything nice to say at all do you? Is this how you get your kicks by trolling message forums?
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