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  1. I am fond of the old Kings Quest games... I am looking forward to see what TTG does with it.
  2. Exactly I do not see why TTG couldn't have detailed fully painted distant backgrounds... and full 3D foregrounds.. It really highlights how small the game world is the way they do it sometimes.
  3. Could I suggest that you have Stan as a used car salesmen and Ron has to get a Van or something for his crew to ride in to get to Lucasfilm Games..... Also you should have someone steal his beloved Lego pirate ship
  4. I do not mind trophys I do not necessarily actively hunt them down but when I get one its kinda like "yay"
  5. I love that there is more detail like the docks and the building on the shore by the campfire... something that they forgot to add in the original.
  6. now do the one where his hair comes off completely
  7. Anyone notice the water in the first special edition at the beginning with the wide view of Melee island the tide seems to be flowing away from the island?
  8. WALLY? That is you! http://media.giantbomb.com/uploads/0/1076/240309-the_hobbit_large.jpg
  9. Maybe wally is just a failure as a cartographer
  10. See that is what I said about the moon too... just looks like a lazy shiny photoshopped circle... I do not mind the size if they actually made it interesting to look at. Here is what I came up with using my often limited skills in photoshop Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show)
  11. I do not know if I have a patience for it
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