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  1. How does damage immunity differ from damage resistance? For example, If I'm wearing a Krath Holy Battle Suit with a Mark V Armorweave underlay w/ a damage immunity of 30% and I get attacked by a enemy with a regular blaster of 1-8 energy damage & 20-20x2 critical hit ratio, how will I be effected as opposed to having a 5/- damage resistance to energy damage?

  2. Unfortunately for me, my cpu (AMD Athlong 1.2ghz Socket A) doesn't support SSE, putting a massive inhibitor on 3D Acceleration abilities in windows XP, despite using pre-SSE drivers for my Nvidia card. (I have a hypothesis that earlier versions of DirectX 9 might not require SSE, but I am unsure). So, this being the case, I am forced to resign to Win98SE for all my gaming.


    Is it possible that installing 98 drivers for a USB2.0 controller could somehow cause the game to have sound-related issues?

  3. For some reason, TSL hasn't been working in Win98SE with my USB Audio dongle. The game works when I disable audio or remove the device, but it doesn't start up with it. I can't use the integrated audio becuase I can't find the right drivers, and my creative audigy z-something is packed away in storage. What do you guys think?

  4. The problematic weapons are any weapons that utilize a first-person interface. Since light sabers can't be used in first person, they are fine. I think what I'm trying to say is, literally, remove every weapon but lightsabers from the game. remove them from the *.pk3s or modify the game qvm's (which, for jk3, are in the form of *.dll's, I think) to not make any references to any weapons except lightsabers, unless there is a way to modify the exe or qvm-dll's to permanently keep the Lightsabers Only option enabled for multiplayer games.

  5. If I remember correctly, dismemberment didn't work correctly in Multiplayer mode, something about model permutation data not syncing over the network, but then again, I may be wrong.


    Anyways, is there some sort of list or database the game needs to read before it knows which weapons "exist"? For example, if I model & animated a Merr-Sonn "Power" 5 Heavy Blaster Pistol and put it in a mod, wouldn't I need to put it in some sort of reference table before it becomes available ingame? If so, couldn't I do the same to remove the ranged weapons by removing their references from the weapon database?

  6. Hey, whats up?


    I want to put JK3 on the computers at the Boys & Girls Club, but they don't allow first-person shooters or FPS content, and apparently the lightsabers-only option for MP doesn't cut it, so:


    How would I remove the weapons from the *.pk3's without causing conflicts?


    Is there a central weapons registry file or list the engine reads to tell whether the weapon is available or not? If so, would it be possible to edit this so the game thinks the only weapon that exists is the lightsaber?

  7. Which company do you think is worth the most?


    1. Arakyd
    2. Aratech Repulsor Company
    3. Baktoid Combat Automata
    4. Cestus Cybernetics
    5. Cheiwab Amalgamated Pharmaceuticals
    6. Colicoid Creation Nest
    7. Commerce Guild
    8. Cybot Galactica
    9. Czerka Corporation
    10. Duwani Mechanical Products
    11. Geentech
    12. Genetech
    13. Go-Corp/Utilitech
    14. Haor Chall Engineering
    15. Holowan Mechanicals
    16. Imperial Department of Military Research
    17. Industrial Automation
    18. Kalibac Industries
    19. LeisureMech Enterprises
    20. Malkite Poisoners
    21. Medtech Industries
    22. MerenData
    23. Phlut Design Systems
    24. PublicTechnic
    25. Rebaxan Columni
    26. Roche
    27. Serv-O-Droid
    28. SoroSuub
    29. Tac-Spec Corporation
    30. TaggeCo
    31. Techno Union
    32. Tendrando Arms
    33. Ubrikkian Steamworks
    34. Veril Line Systems

  8. :ugh:


    Its hard-coded... sorry folks but all the 2da edits in the world won't make it work.


    Well, that sucks. I was hoping to get KOTOR/TSL a little bit more like SWG, providing lvls all the way up to 90.


    So how do you modify the number of feats granted per level up? Would it be possible to make a force power in spells.2da that grants more than 1 feat for level ups?

  9. Well, TSL (PC) uses a .ini file for configuration, or, at least that's what swkotor2.ini is telling me, so, if KOTOR (Xbox) uses a .ini file, could I copy that file from the disk to the correct location on my HDD and change it to disable dynamic shadows?

  10. I there a way to disable Dynamic Shadows for KOTOR on Xbox? I don't really care for them, and they seem to slow down the system during certain parts.


    Also, is it possible to make KOTOR run in 720p or 1080i? Or are the resolution settings hardcoded into the .xbe?

  11. Will it Run on 1.5gig of ram

    And I was wondering how much Internet Gigs does it use a month?

    And where to buy it from Not online from a shop in Australia with the game card.


    Yes, SWG will run with 1.5GB of ram. It will even run on 512MB of ram (HIGHLY unrecommended though!)


    Your processor is running at the same speed my AMD Sempron was running at, and the game played fine. Your graphics card should be more than enough to run the game, depending on what is being rendered in the current scene.


    That reminds me, is SWG compatible on Windows 98SE?

    98 uses very little resources, so around 60-80% of System Resources are going towards the game, but from all I know the box say's it requires 2000.

  12. The in-game music is actually compiled into one big cd audio track, to play it simply try putting the disc into a regular CD player and skipping to track 2.


    I'm not sure whether your using a NO-CD crack or not, but the game is set to play music off a CD audio track that's in the CD drive.


    Oh, and SWGB has a problem with playing music on systems with more than one Disc Drive.

  13. Server: Starsider

    Name: Lesro Ima

    Race: Human

    Combat Level: 50-Something

    Profession: Medic

    Allegiance: Rebellion (All the way man, ALL the way!)

    Homeplanet: Don't remember

    Creation Date: Don't remember


    You could say I'm a nomad, I like to explore, observe, take notes, etc.


    I haven't been on in a LONG time, but you can commonly find me hanging around the Rebel Outpost on (Rori? I think it was, you know, Naboo's Moon).

  14. Hey, new here (forums)


    I've been playing SWG on Starsider and several other servers for awhile now, but anyways:


    Ok, I decide to make a new character, and I don't know what name to pick, so I just keep clicking the RNG until it gives me Lesro Ima. I didn't realize it at the time, but it so happens to spell "I'm a Loser", so I click ok and select medic profession, and by the time I'm lvl 40-50 something, I'm going "ahh... crap."

    So, there's my reason. Whats yours?

  15. Hey, new here.


    I'm using Ubuntu 8.10 and playing SWGB 1.1 under Wine. However, I get low performance. The main menu lags a bit, and 1024*768-1280*1024 is unbearable practically. I'm using a Nvidia 7800GS (AGP 8x) and 384MB of SDRAM. My CPU is a AMD Athlon (462 Socket) at 1.2gHz. Anyone know of any fixes?

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