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  1. I still prefer the classic Mullet-man head... there's already a mod over at Filefront with that one by Inyri Forge, modified to add a well-trimmed beard and mustache. http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/PMHC04_Head_Replacements;73684
  2. Any chance anyone out there has done a new head/reskin of a Pureblood Sith head for either KotOR or TSL? Or is willing to do one?
  3. Just as long as there's not Ion-Canon, I'd hate to have to rebuild this rig after spending all the cash to build it in the first place...
  4. I wasn't trying to insult everyone who likes TSL, just the ones who seem to take Obsidians retcons of the events portrayed in the original KotOR as somehow higher canon than the KotOR creators actual in-game statements. C'mon, guys, remember, this is Kreia's statements I'm talking about, and she wasn't even there for 99% of the stuff she's preaching on. It's like taking a hobo in Kansas's word about the Dalai Lama over that of people who'd actually met the guy. I'd rather take Bastilla and the Jedi council's word over the words of Kreia as to what happened, seeing as how they were there and she wasn't.
  5. Don't even go there, my wife complained when I had to buy a newer copy of KotOR because the original play disc was so scratched up I couldn't use it to reinstall, I'd played it so often. Which, except for one throw-away line by Malak, who (like Kreia) wasn't there, is entirely Kreia's word, she of the self-contradictory statements, habitual lies, and bald-faced proclamations about multiple things that she herself was not there for. To quote my post in the "A message for Bioware: Please think of the TSL fans" thread: that's the thing that drives me up the wall about the TSL crowd, they KNOW that Kreia lies about EVERYTHING, and yet they treat her words (no matter how self-contradictory they are) as if they descended from the heavens on fifty-foot stone slabs with flaming writing inscribed upon them, direct from Canon heaven. Mind you, my wording was a bit harsh, but it remains essentially true, Kreia's an utter nutcase (albeit a seemingly sane-appearing one at first glance), yet to the more fanatical TSL gamers she's always truthful, apparently, even when she's tellimg bald-faced lies. Wrong, modders were modding KotOR before that, mods like Revan's Mask and Revan's Mask +, Segan Whynds Sabers, the Carth Romance Fix, and other mods, long before TSLRCM was a twinkle in the communities eyes. Go ahead and Like it all you want, it doesn't change the fact that a lot of the retconned "facts" you guys grip so tightly to happen to be based on the words of a (fictional) madwoman with a penchant for grandiose statements and pathological lies. As for your assumption on my age, let me just say I've been paying taxes since the mid 1980's, so apparently the "older age group" is in their late 50's and 60's.
  6. THIS. Seriously, that's the thing that drives me up the wall about the TSL crowd, they KNOW that Kreia lies about EVERYTHING, and yet they treat her words (no matter how self-contradictory they are) as if they descended from the heavens on fifty-foot stone slabs with flaming writing inscribed upon them, direct from Canon heaven.
  7. Y'know, considering that TSL was an unfinished and badly-enacted retcon of KotOR in the first place, I'm not feeling any outrage at TOR at all. Retcon #1 (and the most egregious, in my opinion) was the (Krea's) claim that the Jedi Council wiped Darth Revan's memories and then gave him a new identity loyal to the Republic, but all statements concerning this in KotOR stated simply that the Jedi Council couldn't RESTORE Revan's personality "since Revan was too dangerous"; to me this implies that Revan's loss of memory was more due to cerebral damage that the turbolaser explosion on the bridge inflicted by Malak's attack before Bastilla saved Revan's life. Add to this the (completely fanon) idea that Krea is Arren Kae (and thus the Handmaiden's mommy), the near-ineffectiveness of the Exile (who can't seem to make a lightsaber without an engineer on hand, or even WITH one if the previous ten years is accounted for), and the Fixer-Sue characters that continually save the day, I'd say let TSL die a slow death. The only reason I still play it is that my newer quad-core processor PC has no problem running the TSL software, while KotOR itself crashes every fifteen seconds or so (still haven't gotten off the Endar Spire on this new rig, and I might not ever.) If it wasn't for the Ultimate Saber Mod, I'd have retired TSL a year ago, and stuck to Jedi Academy.
  8. *sigh* Not THIS again. People, not everyone in Lucasland is related to everyone else. Krea is Krea's name. Arren Kae was a different Jedi. Her hair is silver due to old age, not due to her being Echani (which has NOT been established), otherwise *everyone* around them would have commented on a physical resemblance between Krea and Brianna the Handmaiden. This isn't even grasping at straws, this is grasping at smoke.
  9. As a former Marine, I agree with this statement. (However, living in the midwest, I see a lot of stuff that has been going on the past eight years that makes Jesus Camp look like Romper Room in comparison, including folks who seemed convinced that Bush was the Second Coming of Jesus.) But let me make one thing clear, as deplorable as I find BOTH sides on nonsense like this, I swore an oath to uphold THE CONSTITUTION, not the FLAG. The Flag is cloth and dye, and any politician, left OR right can wrap themselves in it and say they know what's best for this country. And they're usually lying, they know what's best for themselves, their PAC contributors, and their political party. And I learned (as my father did before me in Viet Nam) that when some yahoo of a politician wraps himself in the flag AND the Bible, they're lying through their TEETH.
  10. And here I thought I was the only one. (Except for the "Fiscally Conservative" part.) I'm a meat-eating, gun-owning Mid-Westerner, who is also Pagan (Heathen, the less racially-radical version of Asatru) who's married to a Wiccan ordained minister, and a parent of two. Folks who expect me to be either a back-woods redneck or a neo-hippie pacifist are rather surprised to discover I am neither. And Bimmerman is right when he said "And for the record, a vast majority of people in this country are gun owners and users." My wife is anti-gun (but not anti-gun ownership) and I keep telling her she'll change her mind when the zombie uprising happens...
  11. THIS. It isn't cruelty, or man's inhumanity to man, it is BASIC TRIAGE, saving a life (as I said earlier) that CAN be saved, instead of one that cannot be. Or did anyone here think that the person the liver DID go to someone who didn't "deserve it" over this person with "a disease"? And remember, someone else DIED to give this liver. This isn't Kamino we're talking about, after all, it is EARTH, and here we don't have handy-dandy cloning facilities to magically grow someone a new liver. Someone had to LIVE and GROW UP, someone with a FAMILY of their own, LOVED ONES OF THEIR OWN, AND HAD TO DIE TO GIVE UP THIS VITAL ORGAN. Giving it to such a self-destructive individual would not just be insane in a triage situation, it would be a grave and mortal insult to the person (and their family and loved ones) who had to DIE to produce it.
  12. Enough. I registered after two years of lurking just in order to respond to this thread. While Alcoholism may be a disease, it is a mental disease, and one that millions of people have successfully recovered from. One of the people in our RPG gaming group is one, she runs a local AA group here in town. I know several people with alcoholism, I have an uncle on my mother's side of the family who has it, as well as a cousin on that side, and I lost an uncle to it from my father's side several years ago, he died of exposure in a gutter in Seattle one winter a decade ago. That being said, anyone who would do enough damage, SELF-INFLICTED damage at that, to require a liver transplant at TWENTY-TWO, should in NO WAY **EVER** be allowed a liver transplant! For god's sake, doing so would result in THREE DEATHS (the DONOR'S, who had to DIE in order to make the liver available in the first place, another patient who may have needed a transplant due to an auto-accident or cancer, and the 22-year old IDIOT who apparently WANTS TO DIE IN THE FIRST PLACE for abusing a TOXIN that is known to destroy the very organ that now needs to be replaced) instead of just TWO. Because this person blatantly and obviously lacks the self-control to NOT reach for that bottle. If given another chance, one with a new liver, someone else's liver, he will ALMOST CERTAINLY lack the self control to not destroy THIS one as well. It's not about who is "more deserving", it's about how to save a life that CAN be saved, as opposed to a life that is self-terminating to begin with.
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