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  1. I played TSL a few months ago using a few of your mods, and just wanted to add my thank you for the hours of enjoyment I got out of it. Hope you're having fun and doing well with whatever you're up to these days!

  2. Alright, thanks a bunch. I'm normally very careful about reading Stickied threads but I guess I might have glossed that one.
  3. Oh! Thanks for the welcome. I looked over all the sites I could, but didn't find what I was looking for (although I did find a disturbing bulk of Handmaiden underwear related mods). PCGamesMods seems to be completely gone for me? All the links are either dead, or go to advertisements.
  4. Hi! The gist of this request is that I'd like to be able to get Handmaiden while playing a female Exile, and/or Disciple on a male Exile. Reason: I'm a female player, I like playing as female Exile, and I've done the male Exile game, and I find Disciple to be tremendously obnoxious and uninteresting compared to Handmaiden I looked around for a mod like this and was unable to find one. That's all I've got to say, really! I'd be willing to help out with advice, or inputs or simple work, but I'm afraid I'm very... ungood at this modding stuff. Edit: As a slightly added 'request', does anyone know of a mod that makes some slightly less 'sickly' Dark Side transitions. I'd like to try to pull off the Charismatic and Alluring Dark Lord instead of always being the decaying and ghoulish Dark Lord.
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