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  1. Supposed I already have stand-alone DXT files outside of PAK files (for instance, from someone's mod) and would like to convert them to an editable format.
  2. Would it be possible to make a backwards converter (DXT->DDS or BMP) as well? I mean, for stand-alone DXT files, not for PAK files like in MI Explorer.
  3. I have checked out what has changed since the update of MI2. The following files have been added: - PatchCues.xsb - Patch.xwb The following files have been changed: - MI2SE_Audio_Music.xgs - MusicCuesNew.xsb - MusicCuesOriginal.xsb - Monkey2.exe Which means: - The resources have not been tampered with, they were overridden by Patch.xwb. - The control of the intro behaviour seems to come from within the exe file.
  4. I still hope they will deliver a correct intro sometime in the future. Though it would probably mean having to get a new budget for doing the necessary graphics work which would be probably tough.
  5. I really really would appreciate a translation tool for MI2. The first one I didn't come around using, because the first SE contained 5 translations already, including the old German one. For the second one, I would like to restore the classic German translation of the DOS version which has been practically butchered for the SE release.
  6. They are the "long" level names from the briefing headlines.
  7. Well, that's rather linear. The number in StalkXX or FightXX is as is: The Death Star Plans - Operation Skyhook: Part II Talay: Tak Base, After The Massacre Anoat City - The Subterranean Hideout The Planet Fest: Imperial Weapons Research Faciliy Gromas Mines - The Blood Moon Imperial Detention Facility, Orinackra: Crix Madine's Fate Ramsees Hed Docking Port, Cal-Seti - Deadly Cargo Robotics Construction Facility, Anteevy - Ice Station Beta Nar Shaddaa, the Vertical City: The Death Mark Jabba the Hutt's ship: Jabba's Revenge Imperial City, Coruscant - The Imperial Mask Imperial Fuel Station, Ergo - Smuggler's Hijack The Executor - The Stowaway The Arc Hammer - The Dark Awakening
  8. By the way... Did anyone figure out how the language change works in the Steam version of MI2 SE? I know it includes English, German, French, Italian and Spanish languages (for subtitles). There is a Launcher by Skidrow to change the language on their (pirated) version (which I cannot and shall not condone). However, it only works for their version, not for the original unpatched Steam version. There, on my system, the language remains English no matter what.
  9. In fact, that's not right. The GMD files are MIDI files with some special header added. They are Mode 2 Midi files with SysEx commands to trigger the iMUSE system (to change to Stalk/Fight music, for instance). Tools to extract Dark Forces resources can be found here: http://www.df-21.net/downloads/utilities.html GMIDI ought be the tool that you need. The midis for different levels are, IIRC, as following: StalkXX = Stalk music (the standard music played during a level) FightXX = Fight music (game changes to it when enemies are alarmed) BossXX = Boss music (not used) Then there are different cutscene music cues, which have individual names and are triggered from within LANDRU cutscenes.
  10. Same as with the Men of Low Moral Fiber (Pirates). As soon as you talk with them, a harmonica instrument fades up, while the background remains the same. When you stop talking, it fades away.
  11. Major annoyances: - The frigging intro. Come on, guys, make a 1.1 patch, it must come back! - The frigging outro. Come one, guys, this is a sequence o' sentences, it can be programmed in an hour! Major major annoyance: - The German translation is seriously been messed with. The classic translation of Boris Schneider did take some liberties with the original text, in order to save a joke or a pun (every good translator knows that you have to do that sometimes). So LEC did take his translation as a base and then ruined it by taking all the creative deviations (puns) and replaced them by literal translations, often losing the joke entirely.
  12. Are the lines for "things to do after the game" in the game? Maybe they could be unlocked?
  13. I just got the game yesterday and was horrified that the intro has been cut - simply one of the best things in the original game and one of the best computer game intros ever. I certainly hope there is a way to get in touch with LEC in order to ask them to make a 1.1 patch or something like that, to return the intro and the "list of stuff to do" back into the game.
  14. The programmers Tyuryev and Borisenko from Rostov-na-Donu created HC-DOS, an operating system for BK-0011M. This version of Monkey Island was supplied with this OS, according to Wikipedia. Also, Borisenko is the creator of the first Russian MMORPG, "Sfera" (Sphere). BTW, the download link you specified doesn't seem to work anymore - could you share the archive someplace else?
  15. In fact, I used to program on BK-0010 (though it did not have CGA graphics or that nifty Norton Commander thingie - it was just black and white, and the games were loaded from tape). Maybe BK-0011 was better. Here is a translation of the texts: (Loading screen) SAMARA (First text screen) The town of Samara presents a game from Rostov-on-Don MONKEY ISLAND Authors: MBS & IMS Adaptation for CSIDOS: DepSoft Protection removal: DepSoft Start Music: DepSoft Start Animation: DepSoft (Second screen) Based on the Game "Monkey Island2" Copyright © 1991 by LucasArts Copyright © 1995 by IMS & MBS (First Title) Mikhail Borisenko (scrolling) MONKEY (Selection screen points) Exit - Information - Game (Information screen) instructions for playing (key mappings etc.) (Monkey Island 2 Intro). Guybrush: Hey you! Shoo! (Titles) Conception: M. Borisenko Design: D. Tyuryev Programming: M. Borisenko, D. Tyuryev Story Programming: M. Borisenko Graphics Output: D. Tyuryev Graphics Adaptation: D. Tyuryev Graphics Translation: M. Borisenko Written by: M. Borisenko Music Editing: A. Melnikov Music Arranged by: M. Borisenko (Game starts) An Island in the Caribbean Guybrush: ...And my boat was washed ashore. That's how I came to this island. Now I am going to find a treasure. Right pirate: Ha-ha-ha! Left pirate: Ha-ha-ha! Right pirate: What are you saying! There is no treasure on Shoe Island. Largo: Stop! Who are you? Guybrush: I am Jim Greenwood, a pirate! And who are you? Largo: I am Largo, and I am the ruler of this island! And now give me all your money! Guybrush: Why that? Largo: Well, I don't like your face, sucker! (Verbs) - Come again? - Move along, buddy. - You are a rude one, shorty! (Selected) Guybrush: You are a rude one, shorty! Largo: They don't argue with me around here. How is this, boy? Guybrush: Help! Police! Largo: Ha-ha-ha! There is no police on this island! I am here the police, the court and the law! (Verbs) - Let me go! It hurts! - Please! My new jacket! - Please put me down! (selected) Guybrush: Please put me down! Largo: Okay, this time I'll just take your money. And remember: Nobody comes to and nobody leaves from this island without my permit! Guybrush: Phew! Wow. How good I have a secret pocket. But this rascal took 1000 pieces of gold from me! (Inventory) money - sign Guybrush: I think I can take the shovel. (Inventory) money - shovel (going to carpenter) (to carpenter) Guybrush: Excuse me... Carpenter: Hm-hm! Yes? (Verbs) - I am Jim Greenwood, a pirate. And you? - How are you? - What a job you have! - You look tired. I'll come back later. (selected) Guybrush: You look tired. I'll come back later. Carpetner: I never get tired. (exiting, going to bartender) (going into kitchen) (selecting "sharp kitchen knife") Guybrush: The knife will come in handy. (exiting kitchen) (exiting bar, selecting Wally's place) Wally: Hi! (exiting) (exiting Wally's) (exiting Woodtick) (exiting bridge) Map of Scabb Island. Title: "Shoe Island". (selecting "Swamp") Sign: "House of Mojo" (selecting "coffin on water") (Voodoo Lady's house) (highlighting "potion") Guybrush: Before taking it, ask yourself: do you really need it? (highlighting "Sorcery books") Guybrush: I won't take them. They are too heavy and too dusty. (going to Voodoo Lady) Voodoo Lady: Come in, my child. I know who you are and why you have come! Guybrush: I don't really know myself why I have come... Voodoo Lady: I do though! Guybrush: I don't. End of film
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