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  1. I recently posted about this on the lucasarts forum but haven't heard anything back yet. http://forums.lucasarts.com/thread.jspa?threadID=144877&tstart=0
  2. Disk #1 should have some sounds in the folder \Game\Sound Disk #2 (install) has the sounds stored in the file \GameData\data2.cab, but I don't believe these files can be extracted using normal methods. Once the game is installed, you can access many of the sound files from the game directory.
  3. This looks like an advertisement.
  4. Doesent work they dont have the demo there
  5. Actually a while ago I raided a lot of the old topics here. Also nice avatar lol.
  6. Email will work in cases where we can arrange a 1v1 but I'd rather play a larger game. I'd also not want to arrange a game and say id be there in case im busy when the time comes to it. Best thing to do would probably to hang around in the GameRanger lobby, waiting for others to host a game.
  7. Ok, now that I've finished responding to these ancient threads - I'm going to make my own discussion. So who's still out there playing SWGB right now? Last few years since 2006 have been really bad for online gaming, even with the recent ups and downs of services like IGZones and GameRanger. But increasingly it seems the majority of players just don't play the fun scenarios like senates/citybuilds/rpgs (mostly because it seems to be new players that are going online now)... been like a year and a half since I played the epic maps of Minas Tirith and Castle Operations. My main question is: Anyone got any plans to host any of these fun maps sometime?
  8. Doesen't seem so popular right now. Looks more like a 404 Page not found.
  9. no1

    Big News

    404 – Page Not Found We're sorry, but we were unable to find the page you requested.
  10. sorry but could you clarify this a bit more please? are you talking about SWGB in-game characters or is this something from a roleplay?
  11. I can't imagine what this new RTS will be like.
  12. Zone is dead. Use GameRanger or Voobly instead.
  13. sorry this isnt paint shop pro tech support. don't they have their own forum for that sort of thing?
  14. SWGB itself uses DirectPlay - generally you can't change the ports it will want to use. Anyway for forwarding you can use: 2300-2400 and 47624 - both TCP and UDP. NAT works fine if its all forwarded correctly.
  15. no1


    2300-2400 and 47624 - both for TCP and UDP.
  16. that link dont work Zone is dead btw use GameRanger or Voobly for online SWGB gaming instead.
  17. no1

    Bad bug

    Its not a bug. Walls are meant so you can shoot "through" (over) them.
  18. no1

    Anyone notice lag?

    Can't say I know many networks that still use IPX these days. I'd recommend using TCP/IP instead.
  19. Zone is dead. Try GameRanger or Voobly.
  20. It could be caused by a mod thats installed. If getting rid of that doesent help it might be worth a reinstall of the game.
  21. Lol I remember using Windows 98. Had SWGB working fine on it for quite some time.
  22. You might have to set up port forwarding.
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