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  1. Ooh, was this inspired by The way it's put together is very similar.
  2. So, are the games themselves changed or updated at all from the downloadable versions? I saw they've changed LeChuck's face on the MI2:SE boxart.
  3. And you get to hear the voices alongside the proper soundtrack, rather than the weird not-properly-emulated-or-implemented midis from the special edition. And you can hear the adlib soundtrack alongside voices too.
  4. Yeah, they were for the unpatched version and you said you'd update them. I also have tried countless times to make new XWB files but it always crashes. Could you please give me some instructions?
  5. So, if it's possible to simply extract the contents of Monkey2.pak and then delete it to make the game run the files from their respective paths, does anyone think it would be possible to make the game read the music files as wavs from a certain path rather than from the .xwb file? I'm just really desperate to make some music patches.
  6. Yeah, I only noticed the other day something REALLY majorly wrong with the art in Woodtick - in the Bloody Lip, the view outside the windows is totally submerged, but it's dry outside the windows in the kitchen. And then the windows in the kitchen are on the wrong side of the room in relation to the outside view, as though the shot were mirrored.
  7. Aha, that's why it doesn't work. Yeah, I'd love it if you could help me out with editing the music. And I have been using the image convertor but it didn't work.
  8. Hey y'all, I've finally finished uploading the entire soundtrack to Monkey Island 2 Special Edition on YouTube, in playlist form. You can listen to all the songs here: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_lis...948A1A36C213C7 It probably won't sound nearly as professionally put together as, say, Highland Productions' version of the soundtrack, but I made sure to include every single song in the game.
  9. I'd like the ambience, but I'm not holding my breath for CD audio. It'd be brilliant to have, but would probably require building an entire new music system on top of the game, which only just barely worked in the Special Edition, with a lot of errors. But hey, if it turns out to be do-able, I'm totally on board for it. Since this is an ongoing project, any errors can be found and repaired, and we can make it work perfectly.
  10. I'm almost certain one of the fisherman's lines about "my rod" was changed to "my fishing rod" due to the crude double entendre potential.
  11. Governor Phatt's line ending with "You'll fall into the jello!" was replaced with "You'll fall into the jelly!" And why on earth did they get rid of the line about smoking? Considering SoMI:SE actually SHOWED smoking with Captain Smirk, it's very odd that it was removed here.
  12. Excellent work with the credits. Dem Bones fits quite nicely over the voice credits, and I laughed when I was told to close ScummVM at the end.
  13. Nice gag with don't_readme.txt. UPDATE: Just came across this really weird thing when I offered Captain Dread the monocle before ever speaking to him: Guybrush: Would you like my monocle? Dread: Thanks, mon. I've been looking for a new sailing necklace. Guybrush: .........Hello? Dread: Hello, mon! As amusing as it was, I think in this particular instance the hellos should not be re-insterted. I would also suggest re-instating the "Nice!" variations (at least as an option, like with Spiffy's closeup) simply because the one chosen just isn't as funny to listen to as the others, regardless of quality. There are other voice clips with the same quality issues anyway (Such as "The one and only, sugarbear!" and especially "Now all I need are a few voodoo ingredients.") UPDATE 2: For some reason the vocal sound effects (Largo screaming, Governor Phatt eating/burping) are missing. Presumably the intention was to replace them with sound effects from the special edition? UPDATE 3: Hey, nice going with the Bone Song. But one problem - due to the timing of the voices, when LeChuck turns into Secret Guybrush it doesn't sync up with the music anymore. They somehow managed to avert this in the Special Edition (in fact it's basically the one part where they didn't horribly **** up the timing), so do you think it would be possible to delay the music a little?
  14. Hmm...well, I'll carry on recording the audio files for my Adlib soundtrack hack, and if anyone can help me insert them once they're finished I'd be extremely grateful.
  15. Hi, I've tried making some new graphics and replacing music files in MI2SE (for inventory item consistency, music timing, Adlib soundtrack in classic mode, etc) but I can't get either to work. On the graphics side, whenever I use a replaced dxt file, the game will get stuck on a loading screen forever. With a replaced MusicNew.xwb, the game just crashes when it gets to the menu. So I'm asking, can anyone please give me some instructions on how to save files properly when saving them as .dds so that MI2SE recognises them (like with bit depth, etc) and also give me help with setting the right presets in Xact so I can replace the .xwb files? Thank you in advance.
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