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  1. @OzzieMonkey have you ever finished the editing work of the forest in Monkey Island 1 Special Edition? If yes, please can you share the files? I'm interested, especially I'd like to see that ugly missing ravine fixed
  2. This project seems discontinued. I'd like to fix the missing ravine in the melee island forest by myself. Unluckily it's not very clear to me from other topics about the utilities I have to use to do that. Hope someone could help... Here are the most evident parts that should be fixed imho: (taken from monkey island explorer) art\rooms\images\103_forest-4\layer0_chunk_1024_0.dxt art\rooms\images\106_forest-7\layer0_chunk_0_0.dxt art\rooms\images\102_forest-3\layer0_chunk_0_0.dxt art\rooms\images\112_forest-13\layer1_chunk_1024_0.dxt
  3. Yep, but I still think the priority should be "the missing ravine" in the Melee Island forest. Hope someone will fix it soon.
  4. after some days of testing I can say the special edition of monkey 2 is FAR BETTER than mi1se. it feels like made by a different team of programmers. there are some minor graphic glitches or visible original pixels but it's nothing like the mess found in monkey 1. the animations are not the state of the art but acceptable, again, better than those of mi1se. the graphic art style is very good, with a high fidelity to steve purcell original art. so imho...good job lucasarts!
  5. I heard there were lotta ppl not happy with monkey island 1 SE backgrounds (graphic glitches). what's the situation with the special edition of monkey island 2? Better I hope.
  6. Hi LordTrilobite, good to hear you are working again on this project. Hope to see more soon.
  7. I had the vga floppy version and I remember I noticed it when I was a child, it was always 10 o'clock...it's not a bug, pretty sure. note: there are some small graphic errors in the scumm bar, under the first table on the left, with the sleeping pirate, some original pixels are visible. and the pirate standing against the wall seems like to have got different color palette in the different animation frames.
  8. doofi I think you can select what mods to add simply deleting the directory corresponding to the room you don't want to change. to me candle flames move too much in the old version, they move (in a subtle realistic way) in the new version, so I think I'll stick with church unmodified version.
  9. niiice work about the plank (I didn't notice it was better in original mode). and...guys...what's the problem with the church? to me it seems to be good.
  10. lol, that's what I was thinking about First thing I want to congratulate you for doing such good work! I think that a simple cut&paste from another scene or from the old version is the simplest and quick way for fixing that. Don't worry, I know it's long to fix all that I'll continue to play to check if there are other things that need to be fixed with a certain priority. bye
  11. Found a background bug in the forest, missing ravine (on the right) in new version (see link to image): http://img163.imageshack.us/img163/1808/bug0.jpg
  12. thanks man! I saw that you fixed some problems in the forest. well... I found a BIG problem, worse than the store one: there is a room in the forest where there is a ravine (visible in classic mode) but invisible in hires mode (look like a normal path). I discovered it because the character cannot move forward, if you switch to classic mode, you see it.
  13. Hi guys, I'm myloch, I'm new here but veteran adventure gamer! I like very much the khar's replacement sign for stan's shop, but link is broken. Please can someone upload it again? thanks
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