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  1. Finally got some time to try it. And it worked like a charm! Deinstall Zonealarm, install SWTFU, install Zonealarm. Thanks everyone for thinking with us!
  2. Yeah good news, but it didn't work. I got a similar reply from Aspyr by the way. Turned off my Zonealarm security (after turning off network connections ), installed the game. Started initially while still turned off. Couldn't save. I'm trying the OS tomorrow or sunday perhaps. Just curious, because perhaps Purifier is right, do some people have this game running and saving on Win XP Prof?
  3. Hi, I checked my .Net installations and it says that they are installed correctly, up untill 3.5 SP1. I tried to deinstall (to be able to reinstall) but it complained about other applications depending on them. Anyway, I dumped some files. I can only hope that someone with knowhow can make something of it. (Put some shades on when clicking these links) SWTFU error log DX Diagnostic file ProcMon logfile (csv) ProcMon logfile (xls) Regards,
  4. Yeah, I experimented somewhat myself as well. I tried de-installing, then removing all registry keys named SWTFU, Unleached and Aspyr. Then reinstalling while Zonealarm was off. Didn't work. I also provided Aspyr with some logging using ProcMon (ProcesMonitor). It shows that SWTFU is trying to open the SWTFU.BIN file, succesfully also, but somehow the game still thinks the file is corrupted. It shows all kind of file and registry addressing. A lot of files which are not present on the machine though. Perhaps a lot of rudimental file addressing which was used during development? Perhaps Aspyr can make some sense out of that logging though. Anyway, I tried installing the game on my parents pc. It runs like a slideshow, but it could save there . I worry that it is due to the OS installation somehow. I also worry that maybe it could be solved by reinstalling windows. Ow and how I hate to do that. I'm going to try this coming weekend though. Hopefully it will have a happy ending after all.
  5. Hmmz, It found a log file which SWTFU is writing when I start the game. I think this is the error which is causing the game to be unable to save: [12/06/09 01:56:03] Version: 1.0.93049 EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (Read of 0x00000000) [00000000] [7C7FBDBB] [7C90E457] [7C7D1A53] [04B60CF8] [04B61276] [04B612E4] [04B57EDE] [04B4AA88] [04B4AAE6] [012E5C00] [011636C0] [55E8284E] Can anyone make some sense from this?
  6. Does anyone know of some monitoring tool maybe? Because it seems that the game is trying to acces the save file and it is not permitted somehow. (Allready tried while I turned off my Zonealarm, didn't help) Is there some tool I could use to see in detail what the game is trying to do with that file?
  7. Today Aspyr replied with the following: That's fine on it's own, but with that reaction, they put the ticket to "Resolved" Anyway, indeed like Malak said, if more people can raise a ticket, perhaps they'll pay more attention to the issue. And they might find a common cause when more people raise it.
  8. I'm currently trying to update all of my drivers by the way. Maybe that gives some help.
  9. Ok, just re-installed the game. Did not work. Here is a litle bit from my DX diagnostics: This is just about the req's Aspyr has given, but I'm finding no difficulties running the game in 1280x1024 resolution. Besides, I wonder how system specs can influence the save alone. It seems the program is not able to reach the save file, like it is not permitted somehow.
  10. Hiya, Maybe someone knows of this problem; I started this ticket with Aspyr last week. Untill now no response has come and the ticket's status is still "new" and "unassigned".
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