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    Why do you need to know
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    I be at Sea!
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    sailing, pirating, going to port, sacking towns
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    If you must know, I am a captain of a ship! So, obey orders, do your duty, and no harm will come to you! Understood?!
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    POTC: New Horizons
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    google, but why do u care
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  1. First off, since you're new to RPs, follow these rules:


    1) Be as descriptive and as specific as you possibly can.

    2) The only characters you should control are the ones you yourself made. Unless you have explicit permission to control a character, do not bother to control them.

    3) The threadmaster (in this case, me) has the final decision, and can only make plot decisions unless permission is given to the other members. It's considered rude to contradict or challenge the threadmaster.

    4) Kind of goes with the one above, but follow the rules given in the Casting Call. If you aren't clear on something, then ask the threadmaster

    5) We were all new at some point. ;)

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