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  1. Eep. Looks like I'm answering my owns questions here. I found out where to set game port, rcon port, and rcon IP, but not the game IP. Any one out there got the goods?
  2. Is there any kind of magic voodoo to let you specify IP address and port to bind a SW BF2 server to? I've been going over the server, and haven't found anything yet. (PS. Hi there Kurgan )
  3. Gonna throw in another vote for SW: Battlefront. What a disappointment. Sure the game is boring, but the server is abyssmal awful. Worst interface. EVER. Oh wait I forgot Force Commander. That one sucked too. btw: hi everyone.
  4. Another admin mod flame war on lucasforums? Who would have thought? This game is unique in that it doesn't just attract the competitive gamer, but also star wars fans. The latter group doesn't care so much about the frags, but would rather play Jedi. Ya know what? That's fine. To each their own. That's no reason to piss on their picnic. Blaming the mod for the actions of crappy admins is like blaming the road for crappy drivers. The two are mutually exclusive. If you don't like a server then don't play on it. No one's forcing you to. What ruins the community more than abusive mods are these pointless arguments. Who in their right mind would want to be a part of this community after reading crap like all this? Let's all be frineds and play games. BTW: Whatup kurgan and tyrion. Howya been?
  5. I believe ghoul2 is still around. You have to enable it on the server end to enable locational damage. It's got other side effects, so play with your server.cfg file to get damages how you like. YMMV. Here's my take on JA's v JO. People got JA expecting JO + fancy stuff like the dual and staff stances. It's there, but it seems like it was just slapped onto the game. Don't get me wrong. I still enjoy JA. The majority of folks in my little corner of the community transitioned to JA, but it was slow. People are set in their ways. Human nature and all. btw: whatup Kurgan. How ya been?
  6. I saw this on jk3files.com. Is this the real deal? I can't find any announcement about it and am reluctant to use this. Anyone out there still running jk2 servers and have tried this patch?
  7. Need some help here. I just patched my server (FreeBSD) to 1.011. The server starts fine, but all clients that try to connect to it have their games crashing. No errors in the console. Just straight back to windows when it gets to "awaiting gamestate". ANyone else runnign into this? What am I doing wrong?
  8. Where did you put the library and shared object that comes witht he ded server?
  9. Greetings all. I just installed the 1.01 binary on my server and now myself and my other clients are getting the error: "bad item index 4460". Is anyone else getting this? Server: Dual Xeon, 2G memory, FreeBSD 5.1-RELEASE.
  10. Do you have th Linux compatibility layer installed and have set the linux binary type to the executable?
  11. Hi andy. Nice to see you too. I wasn't informed we had a forum here. Please PM me or email me.
  12. Whoa what a find. If all that stuff is true I'll fail out of school from all the siege mode I'll be playing.
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