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  1. This is their moddb page http://www.moddb.com/mods/serenity-sabersystem They managed to rework the bots so that they will use dual sabers and lightstaffs...I think they are also working on a bot command system. They added an admin control option that lets you promote players to be jedi masters or mando masters...thats probably how u can decide who can give the commands
  2. lol I take it Maxstate is a fan of Mr. Big and Racer X? I definitely am a fan of those two bands...especially Paul Gilbert! Glad to know that the mod may still be revived some day. If you guys are looking for a mod that is based off the OJP code, try checking out a mod called Evolution of Combat (formerly known as Combat Evolved). They released a beta a few weeks ago and although the mod is still in early development stages, it is quite enjoyable
  3. aw thats sad but the new game they are working on is somthing to look foward to
  4. I know the new forum is working now...but its obviously not OJP related...
  5. thanks for the consideration hopefully at least one of these ideas will make it in ...so what kind of new animations are planned for the next release if u dont mind me asking?
  6. Hi! This is the first time I will post here with this name...I used to be around massassi.net and here as PerfectJamie...maybe some of u remember me I know there is a new forum that you guys prefer me using, but it seems to be in read only mode still and I wanted to make a few suggestions for 1.3, I plan to repost this on the new forum once its up. First I want to say that I love the holster system...it really adds a level of realism to the game. Well I was just playing a game of coop...by myself cause nobody ever seems to be online and I found it annoying that I had a huge blaster on my back that I picked up from a stormtrooper I killed while I try to duel a dark jedi. What if u add a "pick up weapon" function? Such as just pushing the use button while standing ontop of a weapon, maybe even an pick up animation. Second, kind of following up with the pickup weapon idea...I think it will be more realistic if each player has a restricted inventory. In real life...even in the star wars universe I'm sure people dont run around with a lightsaber, two blasters, a clone rilfe, and a rocket launcher. What if we limit players to having two pistols/sabers (each leg) a big weapon (on the back...I think a light staff would go in here) and a few smaller items like thermal detonators. Third. I think it will add a level of realism if you allowed player to wall hug. I think gunners would benefit from this...and even saber users might find this fun...kind of adds a stealth aspect to at least the coop levels (the first part of hoth 2) I think it will be cool if gunners can wall hug and shoot around corners aswell. what do u guys think?
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