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  1. Just curious if anyone has an issue with their security key since this update?
  2. You're correct, I was mistaken thing that it was like the Jedi/Sith characters in that dps/healers didn't have heavy armor where tank characters would have heavy armor. Thanks Lynk.
  3. Got a 150K escrow at the moment it's close to being full. I was wondering if there's a limit to how many escrows a F2P character can have? All input appreciated.
  4. I started a new trooper character and noticed that he already has medium and heavy armor in his abilities, I thiught the whole point of going Vanguard was to have heavy armor? Is this a recent change?
  5. I'm trying to improve my standing with Cartel Resale Corporation and acquire Cartel Market Certificates. If anyone can help me figure out how to do either of those things I'd be grateful.
  6. When I go to the Free to play section of the Origin store TOR is one of the games there but if I click on "play now" it doesn't add the game to my library it sends me to the SWTOR download page. I assume you have to "buy" the game to actually get it added to your Origin library?
  7. Thanks Adamqd. I found that quite helpful. By the way, which abilities do you favour for a Sentinel? Slash, Force Sweep, Force Leap and Blade Storm have been my go to powers so far with Shii-Cho being my choice of form.
  8. Hi there, I've got a level 13 Jedi Sentinel character and to be honest I have no idea what I should be putting the points into. (I got 2 unused ones atm) All advice appreciated. By the way, do Jedi Knights even use Force Accuracy??
  9. I heard the arrested suspect was being denied a lawyer, is he in Guantanamo bay yet??
  10. This, doe's not address what I said: So i'll repeat, why is it okay for NK and Iran to be sanctioned due to possible nuclear ambitions while it's assumed that your country is perfectly entitled to have them? Can you not see how that's hypocritical??
  11. I agree with the first part, claiming the maneuver was preparation for an attack was a bit of a stretch. You have to keep in mind though that politics is a lot like pro. wrestling, there's a lot of posturing and empty dialog on both sides before anything conclusive actually happens. The UN has the option of staying out of NK's business doesn't it, Why aren't they sanctioning the US for having a nuclear arsenal?
  12. Both of ye missed my point, i'm not saying practicing a military drill is the same thing as declaring war or preparing to declare war. I personally don't think the North Koreans are stupid enough to declare on the South while the world police are backing them, I still disagree with the sanctions imposed on countries (including NK) by the US/UN.
  13. @Tommycat Well it was more informative about the "pacifist demonstration" then the Fox News piece was seeing as it wasn't mentioned. Pure speculation on whether they could nuke Washington is much more eye-catching. Kim Jong-un's comment about these military drills being rehearsals for invasion isn't discredited just because they do these drills annually, you could argue that adds credence to his statement.
  14. @Bob Saget Interestingly the European news network did a different piece entirely: http://www.euronews.com/2013/03/11/us-and-south-korea-begin-joint-military-exercises/ While not a fan of North Korea I think they'd be suicidal to kick off a war while the US is backing SK. The point i'm trying to make I suppose is that when these sanctions are imposed on countries (like Iraq in the 90's for example), it's never the political elite but the poorer people there that feel the squeeze. I suppose i'm saying two wrongs don't make it right.
  15. Well I read about some of the other sanctions brought on by the US and I'm not convinced that they're doing the right thing by taking this approach. It is the right thing from a Military standpoint but i'm talking about morality and all that stuff. My country for one, I live in Ireland and the only stories I hear of that nature are either American or British, The American news always more outlandish though.
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