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  1. Thanks for the feedback. I'm poking around with 2da editing right now. Linked tables are reminding me of my days as a database admin. Argh. I also managed to come up with one other request... I need a specific style for a character. He's a Jedi (PC), but I want him to wear something that looks more like clothing or light armor instead of a robe... and for it to be white (I can always edit the graphic if someone doesn't want to do the white thing). Sorry, I'm new at modding, but I'm hoping to learn from examples, like any good Jedi should. Thanks again! Edit: Oh, and by #4 (the saber as a light source), I mean to emulate how they use sabers as torches to see better in the dark. I think it would add a level of realism if you run down an alley with a drawn saber and it lit the walls... but maybe that's just pipe dreaming. I don't see a way to do it easily... and you'd have to edit every saber type in the game to do it the way I'm thinking... Anyway, bleh.
  2. Heya, 1) I was thinking earlier about how the worst part of the gaming experience is running back and forth across cities doing errands... I usually end up taking the Force Speed line, which is annoying (not to mention, blurry). I figure that changing movement speed would be simple (since such functions already exist), though I don't know how to go about it. 2) Looking at the "KotOR Cleanup Mod" that hides weapons in cutscenes etc, I was wondering if you could hide them completely when not in use (AKA, holster them), then do a weapon flourish and have the weapon reappear. 3) Support Jedi. They need their own devices that distinguish them from the hack-and-slash lightsabers. I don't mean to veer from the sci-fi scene to a fantasy one... but maybe, for a Sith Lord, instead of holding a lightsaber, has a glow/fire/electricity/whatever around his/her hands. And, of course, they can always take the non-saber Deflection powers. 4) Last for tonight... is there a way to attach a light source to the player when they have their lightsaber activated? 5) I'll work on a longer list of this tomorrow, but for now, I got to thinking about how useful some powers are. This was triggered by Force Pull, which is a nice and frequently very useful skill, but it doesn't allow you to "specialize" in it - say, a second tier to disarm the target for 12 seconds, and a third tier to pull multiple enemies (or their weapons). The gist is: There simply aren't enough powers in the game! My Jedi usually end up taking similar paths... there's no need or reward for focusing on one or two specific lines, or being mediocre at multiple lines. The Epic character force powers mod is nice, but it only has 1 power in each line (and they are WAY freaking overpowered, I'd like to know how to edit that, too). Anyway, thanks for your time. Edit: 6) Leveling items. Like your saber crystal... I don't know how difficult it would be, but a few really rare/expensive items that not only (or not) upgrade via the work bench, but gain power as you level, and/or focus on becoming "dark" or "light", each with its own properties and potential. Dunno, just floating ideas.
  3. Greetings, I'm running KotOR 2 on WinXP 64 with an AMD dual core processor, and a GeForce 7900 card. I have the latest drivers for everything, and I have the game patched. I've tried isolating it from background programs, but it doesn't seem to matter what is running. I've tried applying the dual-processor hotfix stickied in this forum. Anyway, my problem is this; ever since the beginning of the game, it'll play perfectly well, beautifully well. But after some period of time (varies from 10 minutes to 30 minhutes), it inevitably first starts texture tearing/blackening, and will lock up entire soon after. I've noticed that this happens a lot more aftert the scripted in-game "cutscenes" (not the movies) than it does just running around. After it locks up, I can't play again until I reboot. If I try to go into the game before rebooting, the menues are flashing rapidly, and loading any game returns to the lockup. Any ideas? I tried Lucas Arts, and they replied that they wouldn't provide support for TSL for 64-bit systems I don't think it is a processor thing, anyway...
  4. Greetings, I've completed the first part of Iziz (dark side) and have been banished back to Dzix until "further news from the planet". I have no clue what the trigger for that is. I've talked to everyone to death, and still no changes. What is the trigger to get "news from the planet"?
  5. He is referring to the news that there WILL BE a KotOR 2 trailer/presentation at E3. It isn't out yet.
  6. Now, being realistic (well, relatively realistic, for talking about fictional characters) here... I think Anakin in Episode 3 could take Malak. Vader in Episode 4-6 couldn't. Anakin/Vader, at any point in his life, couldn't take Malak in the Star Forge, though. I doubt even Luke Post-RotJ could manage that. Here's a question - Ep2 Yoda vs. Malak in the Star Forge. Who wins?
  7. I love the STYLE of the music... it is "Star Wars" without being "STAR WARS", which is entirely what KotOR is about. Fits like a glove.
  8. Manaan is always my biggest nightmare while replaying the game. The city LOOKED pretty and relaxing and all, but there were too many damn zones inside of it. You can't walk 20 feet without zoning, and running around another freaking fountain... then you get to the bloody suit underwater, and you feel like shipping your saber out and slitting the oxygen feed, or letting the fishies eat you. Leviath is #2 on my annoying list. Repetitive, dull, and just entirely too long and uninteresting (until the little surprise). Hm, both of my "unfavorite" areas involve the suits. Go figure.
  9. I don't see why this is such a big deal - if you don't want to cheat, then don't look at the codes. Similarly, if you don't want the game hacked to pieces and have new things added, don't look at this forum. It doesn't hurt you in the LEAST, as it would in a MMORPG or some such.
  10. For the record, I LOVE the new Force Jump. Unlike JK1, it saves you a bind AND allows you to control how high you jump. I mean, you have to be pretty anti-dextrous not to be able to hit another button when holding down the spacebar.
  11. Zagadka


    Nah, I think that Kyle is just high on Bacta.
  12. One option may be to stop using that tactic. :-p Another would be to edit the pk3s where they list the health and stats for everything.
  13. Zagadka


    Well, for one, I presume it would be because Rahn is dead and has absolutely no bearing on the storyline whatsoever.
  14. Well, aside from the heavy repeater being a dumbass weapon in the first place, the point still stands. :-) Anyway, there are ways around that. It just takes a little more strategy. If you can get into the Tombstone base in T2, with 2 heavies mortar spamming the flag (trust me, you CAN... it is just really hard), heavy repeater spam is cake.
  15. If I liked puzzles that involve walking around clicking on things that much, I would be playing Myst... It is possible to make a good FPS/action puzzle. There are several of them in JK2 and other games... there are also many horrible ones in JK2 (Comm array being the primary one. I mean, WHAT THE HELL was going through their minds? A simple, incredibly annoying time consumer of a "puzzle" that made absolutely no sense whatsoever in the game world. NONE. ABSOLUTELY NONE). What I liked about JK1 level design were things like the marketplace scene... None of that, here.
  16. "Strategy" isn't a very descriptive term for walkthroughs and level guides.
  17. *LMAO* Base defense is camping... the stupidest (and oldest) CTF comment ever. What most people don't seem to understand is that CTF is about teamwork. It takes teamwork to organize an effective defense, and even more team work to GET THROUGH IT. Most people will just run at it like lemmings, get slaughtered, and start spamming "CAMPER!" I usually play midfield in CTF - watching enemy movements and reporting it, softening them up on the way in, and intercepting runners on the way out - and, of course, escorting our flag runner (or at least engaging the chasers so he can get away). It isn't a glorious position, but I enjoy it. I also work with the defense a lot, and having a good D man is important. Remember, the goal of CTF isn't to get frags, so "camping" is irrelevant. A bad player will camp some stupid spot and kill people who pass by. A good player will defend a vital position... The goal of CTF is to, as the name suggests, CTF. Kills are completely irrelevant. Some of the best CTF games I've had have had very, very few kills (mostly flag runners). Any real CTF player won't even let the word "frags" enter his mind during a game. You can't look at CTF from a deathmatch POV. They are entirely different creatures - and most bad CTF games are because a bunch of deathmatchers don't understand that.
  18. The "combo" system in Light isn't that great if you are looking at playing defensively. A defensive player will make one or two precise strikes that they KNOW will hit their enemy. Combos work best for Dark Jedi using Rage, and people who randomly swing.
  19. 1) Light is a bit better at defense, and it has several quick attacks and spins. I've won a few times just by rolling and coming out of it with a spin slice to their back. 2) Jumping is a bad idea. If some fool insists on jumping constantly around me, I have no problem with Push/Throw, just to teach him a lesson. Jump should be reserved for times that you really need it, like emergency evades. If you jump a lot, you are predictable and vulnerable. 3) I've been trying to refine my defending recently. A lot of it is knowing when to attack and when not to; a lot of people run about wildly spinning and swinging, while spamming Force. A true master will knwo when to hit you with what, be patient, read your patterns (everyone has patterns), and land the right hit at the right time. 4) If you want to practice defending without being on a live server, spawn a RebornFencer. They come at you with a lot of swings etc, and move a lot. Do it on Jedi Master difficulty, and just see how long you can go without being hit - when comfortable with that, try to take them out in as few swings as possible. They are most vulnerable when spinning and jumping - and so are players. When that gets boring, spawn 3. You can get pretty good at reading their moves, and know when and which way to swipe when they set up for a spin. Players are much more random and difficult, but you can rapid-test the basics. 5) If you are being overwhelmed, throw out a Push for no reason. They will resist it, probably, but it will give you a split second to take a step back and reset. If it knocks them on their ass, if gives you several seconds. :-) Well, unless you want to be no fun and shop them when they are down.
  20. It would be nice to be able to tell more easily when a hit was scored. As is, I hit someone, and the black smoke and sparks appear, and they grunt... and I wonder if I hit them for 50% health, or just knicked them as the saber came back into position. :-p
  21. Drop the Flash. Plain HTML is faster to work with, in this situation, especially on Tripod.
  22. Um, read what I said. You're gonna tell me that you've NEVER logged in and had a CD key error message using your retail key? Tribes2 had that problem like a plague. People regging accounts with the CD key, and when someone who actually bought the key tried to use it, it was invalid, and they wasted $40.
  23. Yea, but all of those times, they started a traditional duel before fighting. Luke knew Vader was fighting him before he got hit in the head with that ****. Maul challenged the Jedi. Luke beat down Vader at the end of their duel... most of what people want with the code of honor is starting out, not ending, the duels. Anyway, I used Vader as a counter-point. If we are talking about a Jedi code of honor, the LAST person you would expect to follow it - a Lord of the Sith - clearly does.
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