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  1. Hm, as much as I would like to agree, guns are part of the game, and so is their secondary fire. It is more than fair to spam with area effect secondary fire... my response to it, however, would be something like a posse, relentlessly pounding their punk ass into the ground until they dropped, not to verbally abuse them.
  2. Hm, can you make a Bind to say something quickly, explaining how to accept?
  3. Hm, call it Tribes reflex, but whenever I hear an incoming rocket, I reflexively jump (and usually press alt fire trying to use my jetpack :-) Nothing in this game is uber over everything else. There is a lot of rock-paper-scissors, and stringing together attack/defense strategies works as much on how you play as it does in saber duels. FFS, I've pulled the Heavy Repeater on hearing a rocket fire, and let loose... or just Speed and run to find them and get the drop myself...
  4. Perhaps a rapid deactivate/activate/deactivate would be better, since people deactivate anyway. Ugh, I'm too used to Anarchy Online. I almost said "Bah, just do a /salute or /bow"
  5. Hm, well, your 550 MHz K6-2 and GF2 MX, I'm afraid to comment, are hella outdated. A GHz mainboard with processor and GF3 are ~$150 each. Since you have a 21" monitor, I don't think that that is outside your budget. The GF2 MX, in fact, sucks ass. A GF2 GTS is light years beyond it - the nVidia MX cards aren't even the same architecture as they are numbered. A GF4 MX is a beefed up GF3. MX is one of the biggest scams in brand name computer hardware. One thing a company considers, and I'm sure LA/Raven did: People can play old games all they want. People will be playing JK2 when it is considered an old game, and their systems will yawn at it. Hell, the Q3 engine is almost outdated now. Anyway, JK2 is absolutely beautiful, for anyone who can run it, and that is a huge draw. As for getting stuck down there, use "noclip" and fly back up.
  6. Another option would be some system where holding down alt fire on the Saber and moving the mouse (or keys) did alternate moves.
  7. You do not need the \ - just bind, like "bind s screenshot"
  8. Click on the name above the box listing the saved games. Delete the old name, and type. :-/
  9. By and by, for those of you saying that Saber defense CAN'T deflect all attacks (and I just mean Blaster, not special weapons) http://www.zagadka.net/saberdefense.jpg Didn't fire once, didn't get hit once. Just got into a corner. They couldn't hit me from any angle. If someone knows the code to spawn troopers with the heavier weapons, it would be interesting to try that.
  10. Please add any information about spawning enemies to this thread... I suppose we can keep it semi-official for a while. Steps for Saber Practice: 1) Start single player game at your chosen difficulty level 2) Go to console (Shift + ~) - YOu can do this from either the menu, or in the game. I'm not quite sure how it chooses difficulty if you do it from the menu, though. To be safe, I made one save game at each difficulty. 3) Enter "map pit" (without the quotes- this can really be any map, but pit seems to be a hidden test/practice map) 4) You will appear facing off against Tavion. Save the game immediately (she won't attack at first). Name it something obvious (JediDuel---Training---Pit---(difficulty level). 5) Defeat Tavion. 6) You can spawn anything in there, after enabling the cheats (devmap works for me). YOu can spawn as many as you want. (See below) I did a few "Bind F(1-8) npc spawn (name)" commands so I could summon things quickly, and I added "Bind H give health" so I could do many duels in a row. The spawn command is "npc spawn (name)" without the quotes. My favorite opponents: Tavion Reborn (the basic one, very weak) Rebornboss Rebornfencer Rebornforceuser Shadowtrooper Shadowtrooper2 And so on. You can spawn pretty much anything, from droids and stormtroopers to bosses. Also, you can spawn friendly NPCs. They fight on your team (unless you Grip them - then they all turn against you): Luke Jedi Jeditrainer JediF Also, you can spawn people who aren't Jedi, like Jan and Lando... but they aren't much fun. Jan always dies REAL quick, since she uses a blaster. To spawn things so that they don't attack you, use "notarget" in the console. If you spawn things on a map and save it, you can send it to other people - this can be a cheap and dirty way to make single player maps in various scenarios. There seem to be some AI and performance issues with this, but it works.
  11. IIRC = If I Recall Correctly :-)
  12. In the Light combat style, if you kneel and do forward + attack, you do an upward forward thrust. It is quite handy, as it gets through enemy defenses quite often. Tricky to pull off in a pinch, though. I would like to see a forward thrust attack, though. Unblockable, maybe, but dedicates you to moving forward 5 feet and locks your defenses for a few seconds as you get back into position.
  13. 1) Luke fights you if you Grip him, IIRC. When he does, so do the other friendly Jedi. I found that out the hard way - hence the shot of me lopping off JediF's head. 2) Photoshop + Crop, or do it on the rotating-around animation. :-) [edit: Oops, someone posted it before me. :-)]
  14. I hate fighting Dessan, but a bunch of screenies from pit melee: http://www.zagadka.net/jk2.php Highlights: I HATE LUKE http://www.zagadka.net/jk2bLarge/shot0061.jpg Beeeyatch http://www.zagadka.net/jk2aLarge/shot0057.jpg See, you CAN stab back :-) http://www.zagadka.net/jk2aLarge/shot0024.jpg Oh, god, the animations in this game ROCK.
  15. Yea, I think that Raven missed a LARGE pull by not including dynamic objective-based MP and even SP w/bots missions. One of the funnest htings is fighting with other Jedi against Jedi, or even waves of storm troopers. I love doing a Grip and watching a friendly Jedi slice him in half.
  16. /me is "old school" Tribes vet /me plays JK2 because it isn't limited to guns And yes, I am assuming that I can take him in a fight, because he is spamming with a gun. A REAL gun expert wouldn't stand still long enough for me to know he was spamming. It would be like one of those dumbass snipers/heavies who stood on the top of a hill for 5 minutes shooting at the same target. The real people you worry about are the ones you can't find. You should know THAT from Tribes... As far as where "experienced" players go, bah. The game hasn't been out for a week yet. No one is experienced. I think that the "experienced" people with the guns are there becasue they are used to normal FPSes, and naturally stick to and excel at using guns, whereas the Saber users are still mostly figuring out how to do it. In a month, I hope that there will be a balance. It would be boring dueling constantly.
  17. hehe, yea, noticed that. There were a few bugs and errors within the game AI etc, but not bad... for one, mobs don't do anything until you get close to them. Also, performance seemed sluggish. I don't know if that was the level, my comp, or what. It should be simple enough, then, to make a mission fighting through somewhere with lots of AI Jedi? Like, say, invade Yavin? And that should be able to be done multi-player, right? So, say, cooperate in invading Yavin? :-)
  18. Hm, I play for fun. If some looser is standing on some upper balcony spamming explosives, I would literally stop dueling with whoever I was fighting, turn off the saber, and move it somewhere else. If they followed, I would ask my opponent to go kick his wussy ass with me, and turn it into a game of hunt-the-lamer. Why? Because I was having fun, winning or losing. Some people are capable of that. When a griefer waltzes in and decides that his type of fun is spammign things off balconies to see a stupid number next to his name go up, "fun" moves from the "having a fair fight with someone" to "hunting down losers until they complain and/or drop." It has nothing to do with honor or winning. It has to do with fun. I play games for fun. When that is taken away, I get quite upset by it. Now, you shoot me in the back, when I'm fighting, etc, a few times, no harm, no foul. It is annoying, but then, I should have been protecting that... though if you came up behind someone I was dueling, I would probably Throw and hit you. I do duel with honor, because that, too, is fun. Call it role playing. To recap: Spam for 10 minutes from a rooftop, I hunt you down. Shoot me normally, I shrug and go on with life.
  19. JUST what I was going to say. The Dark Side should be more powerful, to the naked eye - but a true Jedi Knight would be able to use the Dark Side against itself. An uber Light Jedi is much more impressive (and powerful) than a handful of Dark Jedi. Or, at least, ideally. The side effect to this is that you have 80% of the people playing Dark Side because it is easier. *shrugs* Probably something that should be fixed a bit.
  20. Erm, clearly, this confrontation was meant to exist. I choose the saber because it is fun. I can walk around and shoot people with the same guns in the other 19 million FPSes, but where else can I use Force powers, sword fight, kick, roll, etc? The elegance of the saber, even IF it didn't deflect everything, would win me over in a heartbeat. All of these tests are asinine. An experienced Jedi wouldn't stand still and deflect anything... hell, as someone mentioned, they could even just roll, Throw, and direct it through the defenseless gunner's torso. At the very least, they would dodge and roll behind cover to get closer, or Force Speed to safety. One isn't meant to be superior. Even in JK1, I remember chilling in Oasis with 3 friends, going mad with pulling weapons, or randomly switching to a rail in a duel, then switching back to Saber. I think that a true Jedi knows what weapon to use when, and would be versatile enough to not be predictable.
  21. Hm, if it is the part I remember correctly, you have to have your crosshair on him, and be close, but not too close. It is kinda annoying. He stops if you aren't positioned right. Reference for the more confusing parts (and a handy downloads filebase). It doesn't have the answer to this question in the body (though it is listed in the topics, odd): http://www.jedi-outcast.com/main.php?page=faq
  22. I agree. I play Unreal Tournament with decals on with NO decay - by the end of a match, the arena is covered in blood, bullet holes, and explosion marks. My system can handle it, and that is why I built my system. I would suggest a slider, so people could choose on their own. People with poor systems could disable them altogether, and those with uber systems could leave them laying around.
  23. There are (of course) a half dozen no-cd patches, but yes, they *SEEM TO* create the error CL_ParsePacketEntities on multiplayer, making the game effectively useless there. digl - link deleted
  24. Zagadka

    SP Vs. Bots

    Hm, handy. :-) How do you choose the difficulty level at the menu?
  25. Um, I have to say that I disagree with some aspects of the dual bladed saber. Firstly, everyone and their grandma will be running around with them and the Darth Maul skins, meeting each other, and saying "j00 r kewl d00d". Anyhow, I was always under the impression that Maul's saber was fairly unique... of course, this is a multiplayer situation where Ughnauts are runing around using Force Lightning, so... Secondly, if coded properly, balancing these in would be a little complicated. Basically, you need a whole new fighting style; no slashes and swings in the conventional style, but a lot of spins, twirls, rolls, twists, etc, most of them involving parries with one side and a spin to the other side as a counter attack. Clearly, this would put single-bladed users at a disadvantage, just like allowing people to dual wield sabers would (I believe that Anakin does this a bit in Episode 2). This would then lead to more of #1. Thirdly, the fighting styles wouldn't work, as mentioned in #2. Basically, there would be no Strong and probably no Medium dual bladed saber style. A staff takes a lot of dexterity to use properly. You don't have many strong swings; they are mostly parries and quick jabs. If you swing strong, you commit both blades to a long arc that can't be changed quickly. With a Light Saber, the implications of someone blocking a strong swing would be losing your own leg as the other blade suddenly swerved downwards. So, in all, I would avoid adding the dual bladed saber as a different weapon. Change the animations so if doesn't go through you, enable it in the server as a selectable weapon - I really don't care, and I don't think that many uber-duelists would go for it anyway. There are many other issues and balancing to fix before you look at adding more eye candy and the like. Saber duels aren't exactly perfected NOW, and I don't see the sense in adding that much more complexity until they are.
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