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  1. if anyone actually does pick this project up and starts doing work on it, do you mind posting some progress of what you have done. i would like to be kept up to date somewhat, as to what is being done. thanx
  2. To all of you who have had some trouble with the last version, please refer to my blog for this game for help. http://cmioe.blogspot.com/ also the first page has been updated to reflect changes
  3. unfortunately, due to lack of time, and somewhat interest on my part, i have decided to stop work on this project. i had a lot of fun working on it. though it was only something that i wanted to work on to learn the ins and outs of adventure game creation. sometime by the end of the week i will be uploading the project folder of this game so that anyone interested can continue work on this project. i thank you for all of your support and i hope i have done my part in contributing to this community.
  4. i know, i know there are tons of the old lucas games that i still need to get to i kind of got stuck on monkey island and stopped there
  5. i would be willing to throw my "talent" in to help. though i have yet to play Grimm
  6. also could some one do some chapter screens for me i can fill in the words i just need the backgrounds
  7. http://www.lucasforums.com/showpost.php?p=2758150&postcount=247
  8. well i always kinda planned on just doing the first part of the game, but i will probably work on it on and off in the future. i just have a few other projects that i would like to work on and i don't think that i will be able to fully dedicate my time to this game. lets just say that it will be put on hold indefinitely and that there is a strong possibility that i might pick it up again some time in the future. i still have a few things that i need to do to it until i am putting it on hold though. also there is a good chance that i will make the source folder available to you guys if some body here wants to continue my work...
  9. here is my newest edits one is slieghtly different than the other
  10. yeah for sure!! BTW this is the repaint i did on the bumper car sprite
  11. well even if you just know some one that can help that would be great!! spread the word!!!!!
  12. Yeah, I haven't gotten to that yet, I am defiantly working towards it though. My time has been somewhat divided here of late, so progress is kind of slow. Though all of the encouragement helps. @MusiclyInspired: how is the music coming along? @Alex IDV: I am most definitely using your version of the bumper car in the next release!
  13. Holy crap! That is way better! If tou are interested I would like to add you on as a spriter. As I said earlier I could use all the help I can get.
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