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  1. I highly doubt they are going to take grind out, maybe replace it with a different kind of grind but it will still be there. They are going to have to make you do something to make leveling longer so you end up playing longer and if its not killing x monster 20 times for the sake of it or for its x organ its going to make you do 50 very same feeling missions with minimal story.
  2. That sounds like my problem I'll try the update and see if it gets fixed.
  3. I don't know if anyone is having this problem but once I get into the building after the 'run for your life' sequence on Cato Nemoidia (spelled wrong im sure) some of the textures turn black on starkiller and in the surrounding area but when i move around to different spots some of the textures actually get their textures back while others lose their textures and go black. Anyone having this problem or know a fix? Im running the game on lowest setting and was able to play TFU1 perfectly fine.
  4. Maybe he used the ultimate strategy of planting 50 mines in one spot before it see's you
  5. No he'll hold it in his toes Animated General Grievous style! Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show)
  6. Does anybody know if the 360 controller works on the pc version of TFU2? if so will it be setup the same as on the consoles? also do the controllers work with TFU1 aswell?
  7. the costume just looks like a crimson jedi adventure robe without the sleeves and with sith stalker armor plates on it. :/
  8. Don't give them idea's! O_O''
  9. If its actrually Aspyr then i don't think ill be getting TFU 2 until i get a 360 or PS3, unless the stars align and it ends up a good port...*chuckle* as if...
  10. Omg! its the Lego Star Wars Battle over Coruscant only in high tech graphics! -_-
  11. The cutscenes are done differently, it looks alot like the Soul Calibur 4 Starkiller.
  12. Not all people have psp's either. you should be glad they even put it on the ps2, they could have just left it on next-gen.
  13. Tbh they kinda tied http://www.godofwar2.com/Gallery/GodOfWar2/Image/Org/2006-07-11-11-40-56--God_Of_War_2---jpg.aspx http://wiimedia.ign.com/wii/image/article/885/885874/star-wars-the-force-unleashed-20080702024824160_640w.jpg But then you take into account that GoW came out 3 YEARS beofre TFU Tfu has better textures but crap ass effects, while GoW has worse textures and better effects... wait isn't the main point of Tfu the force powers which are all EFFECTS? o_o
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