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  1. Well hey, they released a patch for the iPhone version. Maybe they really are gonna patch all the systems... eventually... Heh. ^^;
  2. Well, there's no patch, but it is on sale for 99 cents on iPhone. /shot
  3. Ooh, this looks cool! Totally gonna try this out in the near future. Thanks.
  4. You have to actually hit the "U" key or go into old-school mode, I believe.
  5. Well, no way to know for sure. There were more issues in those versions, so maybe they have to spend more time fixing them. Nobody really dared to hope that they'd put out that first patch, which they did. So, just saying, it's possible.
  6. Yeah, but still a good selection of music from a few MI games. Thanks for the link!
  7. I saw that statue at ComiCon about eight months ago. That's how I found out about Tales and the Special Editions, since I hadn't thought about Monkey Island in about seven years, haha.
  8. This looks really fun! I can't wait 'till the English one.
  9. Y'know, that makes sense. The passage to Hell is pretty secret-ish.
  10. Best movie ever!!! /fangirl Anywho, the dream thing is a valid option. I really hope that's not the case, though. The whole dream concept is such an easy way out; a cheap explaination that leaves people unsatisfied and grumpy. Even a Deus Ex Machina is less annoying.
  11. Hmm, I never noticed that before, but that does sound bothersome. They were probably trying to transition. Was it fixed in the patch?
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