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  1. first starting: Full of optimism thinking of making the best game ever, Get loads of people on board without having a firm story Weeks later: Artwork starts to emerge roles are set, story starts to emerge Month later: Interest begins to wain, People randomly stop supporting the project Month later: The project as a whole has become smaller, The team now is trying to make a demo instead of a full game to see what they can do, at this point there is usually only 9 or 10 people still interested in the game Afterwards: Sometimes the demo is never made sometimes it is but either way after wards the project is all but dead, few people respond to the projects threads a post is made maybe one every 3 or 4 weeks but momentum never regains.
  2. Do you guys think telltale has become lucas arts in that they no longer create games for their fans and create games for money?
  3. I don't really want to spend to much time developing the story. To many fan games get cancled because they spend to much time trying to make a big complex story. By the time proggraming begins every gets tired of the game and abandons it I really want this game to be made
  4. I have an idea for the story. The main character of the game is seeking revenge for something that happened to him when he was living.
  5. ^ Mostly theres no real definitive script written yet. We've spent a whole year trying to write the first episodes story and still haven't finished. The project leader is barely on the forums anymore and very little progress is happening
  6. its not officially dead..There's still a new post every week or so but progress is getting less and less productive recently. Realistically speaking, the game won't be released anytime in the next year.
  7. Totally new main character and villain. Secondary characters can appear but i don't want them to be a big part. I want as original as possible
  8. Alright now that we've got a few people we need a first idea to start the story. As i said before will be a sequel to the fist game but it will a different protagonist. We need to work within this realm for the story idea
  9. ^ I don't know if that will work. That seems to complicated for the average programmers to do. We usually use ags when we make these games and i don't know if that kind of style will work
  10. I want 2D (comi style) and it will be a game that takes place after the original. New characters same world basically.
  11. So theres a lot of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion fan games being made ( and a sam and max one currently in production) But No fan games for Grim Fandango. So i thought lets do it! Lets gather together all of you brilliantly talented people and make it happen. We need story writers , Artists, voice actors, programmers, animators and just about anything else you can think of. So if interested please reply
  12. Im going to have to disagree. Efmi wasn't all that bad but Tomi was terrible. All character felt the same, The humor felt less funny, the whole plot was way to lighthearted, almost no memorable characters, and the puzzles were way to easy.
  13. So we are currently making this sam and max fan game and we need sprite and background artists. If you can help out please join us at this thread. This is a sam and max fan game approved by ttg
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