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  1. dude its a movie , science fiction, fantasy , unrealistic and imagination comes to mind. who cares .... if we sat and analysed every movie that came out as to why didnt he do this or why didnt they zig when they could have zagged , it would turn into a job or something and not a fun passtime. your looking into it to much.
  2. ummmmmm.....MMO style of gameplay ?? ...
  3. haha now where have a heard that one before .... ive gone blank
  4. @ Ztalker ^^ just a personall preferance i guess, i dont like the MMO style of gameplay, Does not appeal to me one bit. It may be a great game storywise and whatever , but because its an MMO style of game...it does most deffinetly not tickle my fancy lol And because it happened to probly the greatest star wars series ever made ( my beloved kotor....sigh...) lol yeh its makes me phisically ill and causes aggressive vomiting and in some casses ...sneezing?? lol so there is my elaboration
  5. nay....make me vomit ...MMO'S bblllleeeuurrhhhggg!!!
  6. YYYYYYAAAAAYYYYYY !!!!!!!!!!!!! im counting down the days lol
  7. does doing those take up any time in 365 days thing ?
  8. that sucks!!! ive only just gotten to that part where you need to save the people and get all the money thingy and i DONT want to be playing lute hero for 5 hourse straight!! is there any other way to do it ? other then earning money and buying shops? or is that it ??
  9. SHOTGUN ...if there is lol
  10. the skin was pretty poor to be honest lol, if i knew thats what it would look like before i baught the game , i would have beotherd with the collectors edition...same with the crystals it game with, they could not have piked a dumber colour for them lol.
  11. i hope there is another one i cant get enough of them, loved all 3. And the main menu system . i like it, its different and unique.
  12. completley agree guys.... i was so looking forward to this, and i did enjoy playing it. But yeh, wwwwaaayyyy to short for the money you pay. Also , it didnt feel as in depth as i thought it would be . but again i did enjoy playing it. There Were some miner things that i didnt feel lived up to their potential, e.g lightsaber customizing, the costumes..EW! and yeh...why the heck was it so short !!!
  13. then the emperor has already won...N0O0O0O0O0O0O!!!!!!!!!!! oh well watever lol i played through number like a bajillion times anyways so yeh haha
  14. ^^^^ that would be AWSOME !!!!!! im kinda saddened that so many people have said that it was soo horribly bad because of how short it was. But TFUI wasnt that long anyways.... so i dunno.
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