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  1. this one everyone says, check ur computer for viruses cause when i had a virus it would show up on mcaffe and i deleted it but it disabled a function on my sound card. make shure u have the 1.2 edition and update your drivers if it still doesnt work then reinstall (if your really that serious about it)
  2. thanks thats what i thought but i wanted to be shure (:
  3. hey all i know i can edit items and all but i dont want to use KSE to put a item ingame like in my invintory so how to i find it ingame. like lets say i make a jedi robe thats a god item how do i find it ingame? im thinking you have to look in the original place it would of ben ex: <firstnames> wrist band is found on paragus if i edited it to give attribute points would it still be in the container or would it be impossible to find?
  4. pick one from this list: star wars battlefront swbf 2 (if u read the list u would know) swjk 2 (jedi outcast its called jk even though its jedi outcast. weird) swja (jedi acadimy) TFU (if u dont know this than dont go to this fourm lol) battlefront elite squadren (regeneration squadren also)-(just say squadren plus the game sucks on the ds if uv played it) if i forgot any please post it now systems u pick ur fav game and the fav system to play that fav game on. ds psp xbox idk the others
  5. go to that disk error that says only one problem for the pic. but i was woundering if i can use cd crack? cause i bought the game and its just the one file... its called training room stormtrooper. i know im going to need this cause i go to the training room right on my way to kota! i mean its just that one file... but like can someone send me it thru xfire or something? lol im not saying i bought a pirate game or anything. um i think my xfire is in my signiture but incase it isnt im jbc218
  6. i wish they showed the hud cause i want to see what they changed. but if theres no hud...its just...um yeah...
  7. dude go to my second fourm it has a pic of the real error.
  8. actually there is a link... http://www.forceunleashed.net/force-unleashed-2-media/teaser-trailer/ no one understands it...some big rancor mixed with ur mom... 2 lightsabers. its like wtf. i didnt get all the talking either. or that electric move cause that would hert him more than the rancormom
  9. ok i took a screenshot of it i put it on photobucket here it is if that didnt work than go here (if it works) http://i919.photobucket.com/albums/ad36/darth-yoda/forceunleasehed2.jpg
  10. well if only u could choke someone slam them into the wall like when u defeat them. u know with like kota u slam him into the wall and stuff. that was cool but i actually want to do it on my own. kinda off topic but i hate these 2 things. on the parts u just click press e and q parts at the end u can pick jedi up right? well if u tried it on vader he uses repulse so u cant grip him. and 2 some of there moves arnt even in the game. and 3 vader uses that thing that it says to press E but no matter if u use auto typer at e every millesecond it still will put an x on it like u didnt even try. (sorry for being to long)
  11. what i did was restart my computer and reinstall it again (right clicked on the disk and pressed uninstall then removed the folder) and install it again lol. oh and one quick question. is disk one or 2 the play disk? oh and nice signiture lol
  12. i have the disks and i have proof that i have them. but when i reinstalled it (it was a year and got kinda crashy) when i installed it it kept saying for even planets! it would say can not install this file should you retry? ignore? abort? i pressed retry did nothing so i just ignored them. on my way to kota it crashed. is it the disk or something? if that didnt work try this http://s919.photobucket.com/albums/ad36/darth-yoda/?action=view&current=forceunleashed.jpg
  13. its a file in the disk get a new one basicly (iv looked in the disk folder before)
  14. name: [RIS] console: pc leader: unidentified games: swbf2 swbf and swrc Description: a pwning clan choose jbc218 as your recruiter plz i need to get recruits website: http://www.darkjedi.org/club/RIS/ remember to join djo and set jbc218 as your recruiter
  15. how about if AL dont keep using gernades or wrist rockets when they dont do anything on players cause u can esaully dodge them. for the snipers and very good troopers in swbf2 they kept being weak and using pistol. the al in space battles are retarted they just sit there. while the other team is moving. fire on mygeto should kill you like jangos fire. everything should be able to get destroyed. bullets should bounce off buildings. buildings have to destruct like walls. u punch it it go thru. you should be able to send fleets on planets and back to space. gunships should land troops go back to space and get more troops. rolling should do .9 damage cause sometimes it hurts when you do it in real life. the death star should actually destroy planets (campegan). maul should be weaker cause he pwns. more maps. better graphics. should have ALL battles from the movies. hoth has to just have 2 things. 1 sheild gen. w/ hanger ATATs ATSTs and a wampa. follow the story. this message is long.
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