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  1. Yes, but finding a female voice actor is incredibly hard to do. Finding any voice actor for that matter is incredibly difficult. Uh. No. Alien VOs are so overrated, besides... there's not a single party member that speaks alien (besides Zaalbar and wookies can't really speak basic so...) not only that, it would get annoying to hear Twileki every few seconds... as well as the fact that it would downgrade the number of downloads.
  2. I hope your friend makes it, mate. I'm here if you need anyone to talk to, though I suspect you won't have any shortage in that department.

  3. Okay, so like... I seriously feel like throwing up right now. If I were to stop breathing at this very second, I'm sure I wouldn't care. I know that most of you probably don't know me and even if you do you know I'm the forum ghost and most of you probably don't even like me. But... I have to ask for your help. My soul mate, my other half, the light of my life, my very essence of life... he's in the hospital right now. He got into a bad car crash and he's in a coma. Apparently the doctors don't think it looks good. I'm asking that you guys pray for him, whether you believe in God, you are an atheist, you believe in Budda or whatever, I'm asking that you pray for him. I can't function without him... I... all I'm asking is that you please just do me this one favor. His name is Dylan Samuel Mitchell.
  4. ._. You create two seperate .dlg files... because you'll need two seperate templates for the recruit. one of them will be something like "n_npcname" for the NPC and then another one "p_npcname" for the party member (like after he's in your party) and then you can have the initial dialogue, the recruitment dialogue as kif.dlg or n_kif.dlg and then the one where he's in your party as p_kif.dlg. If you click on the link, you'll understand better... I'm not exactly all that good at expressing my thoughts into words...
  5. I want to go to that new planet ._. Take mah boyfriend Dylan and get away from my homophobic family :3
  6. First one and technically second one when you get far enough into the steps
  7. My younger cousin has been asking me to read those books. I told her the only way I'd read them is if she paid for the books
  8. Ah. i honestly think the Hobbit was my least favorite out of those but i have all of them on my actual bookshelf haha
  9. I have read it. and I gotta agree with Task on that one XD Alright Thanks Doc. I'll give it a try (:
  10. Well I understand that morally wrong is an extremely broad topic, but I'm talking about things you'll get thrown into prison for. But here's a simplified list of a few books I like... The Locker Room by Amy Lane (just finished this book and oh my god <3 ) Eragon Harry Potter Pendragon To Kill a Mockingbird Star Wars (depending on the author, there are a few that aren't so good ) Hero by Perry Moore And the list could go on for years, but I'd say that's well enough to see a little bit... and... Zombies = me barfing.
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