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    Writing, Drawing, Gaming :P
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  1. I hope your friend makes it, mate. I'm here if you need anyone to talk to, though I suspect you won't have any shortage in that department.

  2. Of course you heard that. Although you'll believe what you want, my age that most of my friends on here know is100% truthful. I'm also interested in how someone I've never heard of(you) heard something like that about me. If you actually want to know the real reason for me being gone for so long, then PM me.

  3. Mister. I heard you died. :p But then I heard that was a cover up for only being 13. xD That's a-okay kid. I remember coming here when I was thirteen, so don't feel bad.

  4. I don't remember the web address for it.

  5. Would you mind coming on and helping me with a modding issue real quick?

  6. Yeah, I've been really busy and when TOR releases tonight, I'll be even busier :p

  7. You haven't been on Hssiss in forever. You should come back. It's gotten really lonely. The only people who really come on there now are Ferc, Bead, and WCH. :/

  8. Yeah, I was totally bored of WoW names :p I have come to that point at which I loathe WoW now, due to all they're idiotic changes >.>

  9. Changed your name eh? :p

  10. I know it's kinda late, but thanks for the holiday wish :p (I've been so busy here lately -_-)

  11. Just wanted to say thanks for changing my name, despite it not being exactly a full year. :)

  12. Happy Turkey Day!

  13. http://xat.com/web_gear/chat/go_large.php?id=93250730 Modding Chatbox that I go to frequently. Feel free to join.
  14. Ahah. Indeed I am. :p

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