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  1. I am new here so apologies if this has been posted or discussed about before... I don't think it has but just wanted to say just in case. I read the ideas above about having a spin off through Ron Gilbert's eyes as a game maker... then something struck me for a whole new angle for the Monkey Island series.... It just struck me, and I don't know if it has already been done (maybe it has?) but how awesome would it be to have all versions of the game (but particularly secret of monkey island) to be rebuilt but instead of it being through Guybrush's eyes... to actually have the story from LeChuck's eyes!! It occurred to me, the hero could be LeChuck and the game sees the player taking control of LeChuck, and perhaps, now this is where it goes a bit wrong, because LeChuck always ends up getting beaten by root grog, but it would be so cool to play LeChuck and to play it out by tryingto get Elaine to be his wife, capturing the gohst ship, make the crew a bunch of undead and then try and outwhit Guybrush at the very end... maybe LeChuck could encounter Stan.. That would be soo cool.
  2. hi everyone... wel I have been thinking about getting a new deskop pc for a while now and having experienced a poor quality of gaming experience when i first bought TMI and ran it on my laptop, i decided that was enough to make me go out and get one... so i did and TMI looks great! let the adventures begin My initial impressions are awesome awesome... much more involved in the atmosphere than in EMI and feels like CMI so far.. wandering aimlessly around floxam island
  3. awww, i got the pc version after reading about the differences between wiiware and pc now it turns out im stuck with poor graphics after all never mind... i guess i just need a new pc! shame u cant get USB graphics cards!
  4. Awww well i downloaded, installed and booted! However the game is realllly laggy! My PC specs are pretty good: CPU = Intel COre 2 Duo CPU T5800 @ 2Ghz Memory = 4GB RAM Graphics = Intel Mobile 965 Express Chipset (358 MB) Direct X Version 11 Operating System: Windows 7 These should be good enough surely?!
  5. Grim Fandango II made by the original creators would be awesome!
  6. Games downloaded and DVD ordered! <<<< One happy MI'er!! Can't wait to get home and get this going! Thank you to you both for your kind help. May Guybrush's adventures continue!
  7. Thanks Gabez, I opted for the download direct from Telltale... its a couple of pounds more expensive after currency conversion but I was happy doing that, knowing that I am supporting the developers directly! Happy days!
  8. Ooh I didn't know that about the Wii version..... Does the compression affect anything other than load times and graphics? Can the PC version be bought in the UK? I can handle slow loading times and slightly inferior graphics on the Wii as long as the Wii version isn't cut down in terms of story lines or features? Thanks for the warm welcome Just read some more info about the Wii version and have decided to opt for the PC version and will plug it up to my big telly, thus get the same experience of the Wii I thought the Wii version was like a good version but I have read some sad stories about the wii version... enough to put me off wii and go for PC... now just have to source where I can get hold of it in the UK! I've sourced it!!! http://www.direct2drive.co.uk/8226/product/Buy-Tales-of-Monkey-Island-Download Awesome! I trust this site is a legitimate site? It looks it.... They are offering it for download...
  9. Hi all! I am new to this site and so thrilled I found it! What a fantastic MI shrine I love it! I found it while having a nostalgic moment; looking for MI music to bolster my music collection. Not only did I find that on this site but I also learned about the Tales of MI!! How excited am I?! Thank you to everyone both here and at telltale for keeping the flame of MI burning and with vigour! I have one question though... I notice that the tales of MI are released in "episodes" and right now, all the episodes appear to have been released now... Is that right? I am in the UK so I am assuming I can get it on my Wii as outlined on the tell-tale games website? If I get it on WiiWare, does that version include all the released versions? Sorry for all the questions - really pleased I found this resource and really grateful to the developers of it!
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