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  1. One thing you could try is set the processor affinity to one core (you can change it via task manager, you can also make a shortcut so it always launches with 1 core). Kotor can't handle multiple processors. Well, it can but it makes the game unstable and random crashes start occurring. I've heard TSL uses one core by default (you don't need to change it) so that's probably why it isn't crashing. I did this with my kotor and it did reduce the crashes.
  2. You can also try and use melee weapons on them (vibroblades). I found that out a couple days ago when playing it made the fight a lot easier. But, yeah, those droids can be a challenge.
  3. D.a.r.t.h


    Yep. I'm also experiencing downtime. Sometimes many days. I get an error something like "Server unavailable". LF is crumbling. I hope something can be done about this.
  4. I meant that people who are used to playing modern games find old games "uncool". And yeah, there are many old games that you can replay almost endlessly.
  5. I never found the combat to be that annoying in kotor the first time I played. And I also played jedi knight before that. But it did take a while to learn the other parts of the game, like the quests. Many times I didn't know where to go or what do do, so I just stopped playing, and then I came back again and again didn't know what to do, heh. Oh,and what InSidious said, old games are not cool.
  6. No, sorry. Apparently I only had 4 save files, and they all were from the star forge level. And I also had one where I had just completed the "star forge system" planet. I guess those aren't of any use to you, or do you still want one of them?
  7. Uhh, I think I can help you with that, but I don't have dropbox or anything similar, and I don't know if you can upload file attachments in this forum. When I play I store many save files just in case, I'll see today later if I can find one before the leviathan bridge.
  8. Well, that is some weird stuff you have there. I've never encountered any serious bugs playing Kotor, and I've always completed the Leviathan level. And yes, I think so too that there are a couple dark jedi when fighting Karath. Unfortunately I have no fixes for you, so you still have to live with it, hehe.
  9. Heh, yeah. You never know who it might be these days, what with all this crazy stuff going on nowadays. But it's good to see it's resolved.
  10. Shouldn't something be done about this? I know a new site is being developed, but no idea how far it's come. And it would suck to lose all this information stored here. There are so many tutorials here and answers to many common/less common game problems and errors.
  11. I hope this is the right sub-forum. What was the downtime about? Hardware or software upgrade? Or just general maintenance?
  12. HOW CAN I PLAY MY GAMES ON FULLSCREEN?? IT HAS BLACK BARS ON BOTH SIDE OF THE SCREEN! How do I fix it? My other games have black bars too. I have a 15" laptop with ATI Mobility Radeon graphics card. And my brother can play games with his laptop on fullscreen just fine. He had this issue before too but it took like 2 minutes and then he fixed it. And I CAN´T PLAY ON FULLSCREEN WTF?? And my brother had an option to make it fullscreen which I haven´t. And I think I have it I don´t know maybe it´s hidden somewhere pls, HELP!!!
  13. COOL!! IT WORKS!!!!! I put a dll file to the base folder which is needeed to fix the crash and then RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR and then it works. But it´s showing on a 4:3 screen ratio whatever it´s called agsin. How do I fix that? But at least I can play the game now. Wohoo!!! :D
  14. Now it said "VM_Create on UI failed". When trying to launch multiplayer!! What to do now?? Always some errors.. *sigh*..
  15. I tried that a few days ago and got an error message saying "could not load OpenGl system blahblahsomething" . I´m screwed! I have to go to my old family PC with win XP to play this game. And a few games including this+ assaultcube and age of empires 2 are showing on a 4:3 screen format. Whatever it´s called
  16. I can´t find step 3 and 4 on the website! Just this http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/windows/Pages/radeonmob_win7-64.aspx#1 Help! I can´t play this game on my windows 7 x64 notebook.
  17. Manaan,Taris. The republic guy hiding in the locker in Manaan is the funniest part in all of Kotor!!
  18. I am haveing a red eclipse proplem too!! I have done the red eclipse thing, defeated visas and done all. I went to nar shaddaa directly after telos. The red eclipse cutscene keeps coming all the time! Pls help!! I have windows xp and the restored content mod btw.
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