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  1. actually the saber staffs and the particular saber used by the Reborn(standard reborn saber) have shorter blades than the standard lightsaber(bladelength 32 instead of 40 I think). I could probably add the saber_end again to create the arc while swinging. I will have to mess with the pics a bit though, because you're version didn't quite line up correctly. I'll mess with it some more and see what comes out . Wouldn't this be overwritten anyway if you incorperated the RGB coloring? [EDIT] Added the saber_end for the saber trail arc. You guys were right, it does look better. pic 1 pic 2
  2. The aspect ratio of you saber blade file was off AJL. It was 128*256 when the original is 64*256(i think). Don't know it this was intentional or not and it looked ok ingame. It's just that when changing the saber blade, I find it easier to stick to the standard aspect ratio, because it closer represents how the blade will be drawn ingame. Excellent work, I loved this for JK2 and I love it here. Now if Razor can add this into OJP with RGB support, there are gonna a be a whole lot of happy people out there(even though I myself prefer just the original colors, so I'm perfectly happy with this). ps. is the saber_end shader really necessary? I'm just guessing you use this because you prefer a more softer look to your saber blade, but I think it looks perfectly fine without it. And the difference can only really be seen in screenies, it's too fast to notice ingame. slightly modified version with a different saber blade and no saber_end
  3. Star Wars Databank Entry for Grand Admiral Thrawn My Chiss species pack Don't have any other info on the Chiss besides the Thrawn databank entry. I've never read any EU books, I just like the look of them.
  4. Finally had a chance to test with a friend of mine last night. I'm starting to get used to the attacking a bit. Still don't like the way dodging works. My friend said it was like fighting pudding . Trueview is fantastic. Plain and simple. It's kinda like the First person cheat that was available in JK2 MP, but better. I especially like the trueroll, trueflip and truespin cvars, but i think playing that way is gonna make me puke over my keyboard . Have you considered making Trueview the default view for gun users as well? I noticed that lightsaber users still use autoblock when it comes to defending against gun blasts, but i guess you're focusing on saber vs saber combat right now. Still i would like to see the block button used there as well and an aiming system for deflecting back the blaster bolts to it's owner. That doesn't happen nearly enough in standard JA. I also noticed in Jedi vs Merc mode that Merc's also have the ability to dodge. I thought dodge was Force based and considering Merc's can't use Force that doesn't seem right. But I guess i'm wrong about it being Force based. one, more thing. When defending and walking backwards the animation was really slow. It seemed as if i was gliding across the floor. I do have my server speed set a little bit higher that default so this does happen a bit naturally, but walking backwards seemed to have this problem a lot stronger than the other animations.
  5. Well, right now, i have to keep attack pressed for a certain amount of time for the swing to follow through. I'd prefer it if this time was lowered so that I wouldn't do as many unintentional interrupted moves, like i'm doing now. But I might need to get used to it ofcourse. It feels very unnatural right now. Why would i want to dodge if i screw up? If I screw up i deserve to take a hit! Dodging shouldn't help crap players like me. We deserve to die. But seriously, dodging should just be an alternative to blocking, where instead of blocking, the player avoids the attack and moves into a more favourable position to his opponent. Like for example his back or his sides. This is how dodging is used in most fighting games. So if someone starts attacking me I can block/parry the attack and wait for an opening or just dodge the attack completely and strike him from behind or something. If i don't do either of these, I should just take a hit.
  6. I've tried the latest Beta. You have some very interesting ideas. I've only played against bots so far and haven't been able to kill any of them(I suck). If anyone in Europe wants to play a little 1 on 1, let me know(PM), I've got a test server ready to go. I think i still have to get used to how the play system works now, because it's been very difficult to play this thing, with the auto dodge and the attack interrupt system. I guess I'm not used to keeping the attack button pressed for a long time when attacking, so whenever I do try to attack, it never follows through with the swing. So adding this to the auto dodge system, it makes we want to toss my PC out the window for my inability to kill even the most moronic bots. Right now I don't feel like i'm in control of my character at all. Suggestions(excuse me if I'm mentioning things here that you already planning to include in the future. I haven't really kept up to date on this project): Speed up the attack/interrupt system. Right now, coming out of basic JA, i'm doing more unintentional interrupts/feints than attacks. This is very annoying. No more auto dodging. I'm glad someone finally introduced a block button, but automatic dodging is just as wrong as automatic blocking in JA is. Map this to a button. Don't overwrite standard JA controls. You mapped blocking to secondary attack. Why not just make a seperate block command button?
  7. You can get an NPC to use double pistols by setting the class to "Class_Reborn" with a rank of at least "ltcomm" or higher. Class_commando does not do anything. Oh, yeah and you have to set weapon to wp_blaster_pistol ofcourse. Also, i think it might only work for enemy teams, but i'm not sure about that. I made a template for it in the NPC tool. Check it out here: http://www.pcgamemods.com/3648
  8. Wouldn't you need like a model tag for the place where you want the saber to be? Or is it possible with the existing setup? Also, could this be possible with dual sabers style? The way the saberhilt now stays in the left hand looks a bit weird when using only one of the 2 sabers.
  9. I'm sure it does, but I've never played it. And I don't think I know anyone who has. I think RTCW is more popular and therefore think they used it for inspiration. I agree with that, but what I'm talking about is being able to select the weapon for a class. Being able to choose which pistol or which rifle you want to use. CS has this and the last time i played RTCW(which was a long time ago) every class could choose their secondary weapon as well. Medics and LT's could choose from 3 different SMG's and I think soldiers could even choose a flamethrower or minigun.
  10. I know. I think RTCW and/or DoD(Half Life WWII mod) are at least as fun and perhaps more fun than CS. You can tell that Siege mode was fashioned after RTCW's objective mode. The only difference is that with RTCW you have much better weapons and maps. JA Siege mode just uses weapons from the SP game, which is crap. They should have things like weapon classes as pistols, rifles and sniper weapons. And it should have more than one weapons per class. For pistols you could have the standard pistol, the bryar gun, the Han Solo pistol(that one is different than the standard right?) and perhaps the dual Jango pistols, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. For rifles you can have the battledroid rifle, Clonetrooper rifle, standard stormtrooper rifle et.. . CS has this, so does RTCW. This whole idea of using all the weapons that the Sp game has, is old fashioned I think. MP is much faster and more competitive and the weapons should reflect that.
  11. LOL, Kman. You just gave 75% of the people who watch this thread a heart attack .
  12. You pretty much sum up my feelings right here. So far I've only been playing JK2 and JA for the sabercombat. If it had some improved weapons(no more of those standard Quake style weapons) and weapon physics, I and I'm sure plenty of other people would enjoy it a lot more. That would also help the other game types. I'm sure Siege would be the most populair gametype if it could compete with games like CS or RTCW. Adding sabercombat would just be icing on the cake then.
  13. I think he got his windows mixed up or something. It looks like he's replying to another thread. Anyway, since he brought up Siege..... How about adding some gun tweaking support. I'll say this right now, I don't like the guns in JA. I've been playing some CS for a while now, and after playing some Siege games with JA guns, I can't say i enjoy it. If someone could increase the accuracy and projectile speed of some of the guns I would probably enjoy it a lot more. In CS or RTCW a normal person isn't just able to dodge incoming fire that easily and I don't think anyone in JA should be either, except maybe Jedi(but personally I think they should just use their lightsaber to protect themselves like in the movies).
  14. aaah you're right. I forgot about that. I never used it though. I didn't like the quality. I prefer making a higher quality and higher resolution pic and then just resizing them to levelshot format. Also I don't like to have the hud in a levelshot, so that's why i made that script is posted before.
  15. I like this idea. Having a template might make some mod makers think about their mod more objectively. Hopefully this will also filter out some of the crap that's being posted. And some properly formatted info is always appreciated. Also I'd like to see a disclaimer stating your file posting rules(no pornographic materials, no stolen files etc..) before you post something. That way people who post files that break these rules will have no excuse for posting these files, because they were made aware of these rules beforehand. I like the way you created the picture submission system. After reading through the FAQ I was able to do it, but I can understand some people have trouble with it. I would say, change the method for file uploading or tweak the FAQ some more. And make at least one screenshot for certain catagories(maps, skins, models) mandatory.
  16. mmm, I always made levelshots with the method I posted before and then resizing them to 1024*1024 in photoshop. I'm not sure if there is supposed to be a seperate command for it. mmm, now that i'm thinking of it, JK2 had something that saved a levelshot for every save game I think. Or maybe just quick saves. Then instead of seeing the original levelshot while loading, you just saw the one that was made at the point of saving. Maybe that's what that cvar is for. I can't remember JA using that method though. That would be a cool addition to JA.
  17. The standard version does high quality screenies. Actually it does them in the same way JA does. Just press a button and it will make a bitmap in a predefined directory of your specification. Make as many as you like, it will number them automatically. It will also do things like showing the FPS if you want. It's not much use in JA, because QIII has this feature built in, but in games like Splinter Cell and GTA Vice City it works great. Yeah, that's a good idea. I did that too once, only with a green map. Basically the green screen/blue screen concept that they also use in movies. Didn't have any problems with selecting the model from my .tga's though. Didn't have a need to change the color range. So far the only time I turn of the hud is when I take a screenie, so that's why I put in there. But I'll keep your code in mind . It could be handy in the future.
  18. well, just spawning a couple of NPC's in a duel map should give you an indication of the current state of the AI. If you want to test it some more I suggest just booting up Hoth2 in mp. That works reasonably well until you hit a closed door that can't be opened because the script isn't triggered properly. Also T3_rift works reasonably well until you get to the same door problem. This one should indicate the bug's in the Reborn NPC's quite well. So basically a good co-op map, or at least a fully functional co-op map would be a map withouth closed doors, filled with non scripted NPC's.
  19. I'll have to try it then, but isn't it impossible to make multiple screenshots using printscreen. Whenever I use it I have to paste the actual screencapture in Photoshop. Making more than one would simply overwrite the previous capture wouldn't it?
  20. try Fraps. Works great in more than one game, I myself used it for Splinter Cell. It can capture video, but you'll have to register the full version if you want to capture more than 15 seconds. The free version still works great though if you're only interested in screenshots. I myself just use standard JA screenshots. I've never had any trouble with the gamma. I've never changed it either, so that might be why. Here's what I use for making screenies: set screenie " cg_draw2D 0; wait 20; screenshot_tga silent; wait 20; cg_draw2D 1 " bind o vstr screenie But, to be more on topic. I don't think this needs to be added:). Now maybe if it was possible to actually fix the gamma problem people are having with screenshots then that would be a good fix.
  21. Ok, now that the SDK is out, how about some kind of MP NPC fix. I've been hosting some co-op games for the last 3 days for some friends of mine and while the maps arent' designed for it, I was surprised that it worked at all. I'm thinking that if you build a map specifically for co-op(meaning that you include simple scripts that work in MP)it has a lot of potential as a game type. The only problem(besides things like complex scripts not working) I've encountered are the NPC's. Stormtroopers usually work ok, but saberusers are hyperactive. I'm not sure what the problem is, but I'm thinking that it has to do with the saberanimation in MP being a lot faster. If you could include a cvar like the SP cvar g_saberanimspeed (is that right?) that might fix some things. Maybe i'm wrong about the saberanimation speed, but in general it would be cool to have some improved NPC's in MP. I'm thinking co-op could even make a simple ladder map pretty fun.
  22. Well considering Lucasforums finds it offensive enough to edit that name, I don't think it has any business on a server. I think people wanting to call themselves Binladen666 or ****Wh*re****, should look for another server to play on. ps. Apparantly Lucasforums found some parts of my name not offensive enough, so I've edited myself a little bit.
  23. fair enough . I'm guessing you don't want to use rename then either. Personally I've used that for changing offensive names, but it might be possible to set up a system of doing that automatically, so the admin can't abuse it. Maybe make a file or database containing offensive name and or phrases and checking that against a player's name. If someone comes online with a name containing the F word the name is automatically changed to Padawan. If you're worried about someone abusing that by adding certain player names to the list, you can probably make it hardcoded or something, so no one can add/change the list without recoding. Also you it might be nice to have admin names protected as well. Basically create a system were an admin has to log in. That way you can also use different levels of admins, like someone posted before. MarS already tried something like that in the last version of the Vulcanus mod, but I'm not sure if that version was released.
  24. He wasn't using Dynamic IP. If that was all it wouldn't have been a problem. He used dramatically different IP's. Banning 12 different IP ranges would not have been very good for a public server I think. We'll see. So far he's been kinda reluctant to take stuff out. I think I already asked him once to take out Empower and Emotes because of the abuse I was reading in forums. Also, I have to see if he has still any interest in the game whenever Raven feels like releasing any source code. I tested the dedicated server a while back with him and we played some Siege games together and the impression it left with him(and me as well) wasn't that good. We will see if the interest will return after we get our own server back online. Hopefully Chosen One will have something ready when the code comes out. No apology necessary. I can take it . I agree with you there. But I do prefer a more elaborate warning system. I've used slap, but I don't have to use it. Vulcanus also had a pretty decent messaging system that displayed messages dead center into the players screen. It's hard ignoring that. Usually that's all it takes. I mention slap and freeze as a way of getting someone's attention. The standard JK2/JA chat is 3 lines high, I think, and if a lot of people are talking a warning might only be on screen for a second. And people who just got the game usually don't know how to open the console and check the chats. That's probably the second most asked question after "how do I challenge someone?"
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