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  1. Now that my son and I both have finished the game. Me on my iPad and he on his iPod we have a little argument going. On Monkey Island 2, SE, the ending. When the boys walk out of the building was the whole game just a kind of boys role playing, imagination type of thing (that is my stance), or was it a curse LeChuck put on Guybrush to make him a kid again (my son’s stance). PLEASE answer as this is getting contentious. Paul
  2. I finished MI 2 on my iPad. EXCELLENT!! I noticed as I played I got a lot of artwork(?) tokens, for lack of a better description. I know how to access the old 8 bit pixelated version but how do I get to the artwork? I’d love to see that stuff I unlocked. Any ideas? Thanks again. Paul
  3. THAT was my problem! LOL Thanks for your help. What a fun game. Gonna play it again. Great mood and atmosphere.
  4. I found and used the helium with the balloon and glove and have them inflated in my inventory. I needed some hints from a walkthrough. It’s just that I cannot get the door to close on LeChuck’s beard to get pieces of it. Any help with that? Please?
  5. I'm playing MI 2 on the iPad. I love this game and am almost finished. I am on the elevator and I can't seem to close the door on LeChuck's beard no matter how fast I am. Also, I saw something that said I was carrying too much weight. How do I drop things out of my inventory? Please help, especially with the elevator doors. Paul
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