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  1. you need to take a cell from the gun farthest away and put it in to the gun that blows up and ends up in front of the door and power up and shoot.. (if you cant get the cell out of the farthest gun i'm sorry to say you have to reload the level that was the only thing that worked for me)
  2. don't really know where you get the 7-8 hours from :S.. it took me around 3 hours
  3. yeah i'm serious.. you'll see for yourself once you're done with it
  4. i had that bug too.. i had to restart the level to get it to work
  5. because the company's are starting to only care about the consoles.. look at the first TFU was so psyched when i saw the trailer's and then later finding out that it only was for console.. then 2 years later it came for pc pretty nice until you played it :S
  6. This has to be the shortest game iv'e ever tried.. took me around 3 hours thats just not worth the 60$ you would charge in the us and 350 dkr here in my country.. all that wait for such a short game WOW.. and then there is the framerate issue. pretty sure the frames dropped to around 15 during the fight with vader.. seems like another ****ty port to me.. so the predictions where right! Thank you for ****ting on all the pc gamers out there !
  7. we can't do that here in denmark.. once it's open you can't return it think i'll just have too "borrow" the game and then see if it's any good.. and that's only cause they didn't release a demo for the pc.. pretty sick of why the pc community didn't even get an explanation as to why there is no demo.. i mean **** we even had to wait almost 2 years for a pc port of the first TFU:mad:
  8. well that's the problem, the demo is pretty much how i decide if i'm gonna buy this game.. don't want to go out and spend money on something if it dosn't run as smooth as possible because it's a port :/
  9. first let me say i didn't bother with the search cause i'm pretty frustrated.. why oh why is there no demo for the pc ? i hate that every good company is starting to make games just for the console's and then there is a pc port wich rarely is any good.. i know i'm not the only one thinking this.. not too hate on the consoles, just hate on the company's..
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