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  1. They also took out some graphical settings that the console versions have. There are no pants or shirt cloth movement. There are no light saber reflections or reflections of other objects.
  2. What I mean is that we pay more money for higher performance machines. There is no reason for devs to force us to use their ugly consolized version of AA and 30fps cap.
  3. It bothers me because it's like going to a 5 star restaurant, ordering a 5 course meal, then getting served a hotpocket straight from the microwave. PC gamers don't pay extra money to get consolized games. The AA used in the game is abysmal. It blurs everything and still leaves jagged edges. The blur is bad too but atleast I can turn it off. With AA It is a "pick your poison" deal. Either have eye bleeding jagged edges or horrible blurred objects with slightly less jagged edges. I have found it impossible to force true AA in this game yet. And there will be no way to take away the 30fps cap. If you want to see PC multiplats done right then look at capcom. They did Devil May Cry 4 which was an awesome 80FPS at 16xQCSAA and no cap. They did Lost Planet 2 with better graphics and 16xQCSAA with no cap. Resident Evil 5 was also great.
  4. And that game is Star Wars the Force Unleashed 2. The Devs have added extra graphics options but they did the dumbest thing of all. They locked the frame rate at 30. . Running at 30fps can be ok but locking it at 30 causes unneeded drops in frame rates at certain parts. And since it's a fast action game it is easily noticeable when dipping in lower frame rates. . The AA in the game is also bad. It makes things blurry especially objects further away. Motion blur looks horrible although you can turn that off. Unfortunately you cannot force a better AA in this game neither can you get rid of the 30fps cap. . I doubt they will ever take away the cap because they didn't for the first game. PC gamers don't waste your money on this game until the Devs fix this mess. It can run worse than the first game at times.
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